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The Planner Society - TPS Crop 2017 - Meet Up Event - Workshops

The Planner Society (aka: TPS Crop 2017) Crop is a two-day event where I got to participate in workshops, work on my planner, socialize and do some memory pages in my travelers' notebook.  The event was put on by Christy Tomlinson who is the creator of the Scarlet Lime and "The Planner Society" monthly subscription kit.
Christy Tomlinson at the #TPSCROP2017 Event
The first day of the crop was filled with mini-workshops and gave us the opportunity to work with the new Fairy themed kit that was provided for us.  Here is a peek at some of the Workshops:

1st Workshop :
The first workshop was Memory Keeping with Florence Antonette,  

who shared with us how easy it is to memory keep in a Travelers Notebook. She shared how she sets up her memory pages using a variety of materials like the Planner Society Papers, stickers ephemera, and other items.  
This was one of the slides Florence used to show different elements in memory keeping.
She starts out by prepping her pages in the travelers notebook. She does this using stickers, papers, and other ephemera.  
A page from one of Florence's Travelers Notebook inserts.
She then adds photos while making sure to leave space to add information later.  To get us started on our memory keeping adventure, Florence encouraged us to make a bucket list of things we would like to achieve that weekend.
Florence Antonette's Bucket List for TPS2017
Then she challenged us to fulfill the bucket list and to get out of our comfort zone.  Here is a picture of my bucket list.  The last item was sadly not achieved because I love bunny stickers and Bree had a pop-up booth for her company www.rainbowbunnyco where I bought some things. 

I have been using my Hobonichi Weeks as a memory book. Here is what I do:
1) I usually lay down some stickers, 
2) I list various events for the week,
3) I notate how I feel (if I am sick, energetic, etc)
4) I take photo's with my phone
5) I print the photo's from my phone and then add them to the pages.  This last step may take me a while, so at least if I do step 1 through 4, I have put the important information in the book.  Below is a picture of one of the pages from October that still needs to have photos added. I will often use a tip-in page to add in photos while still keeping the notes I wrote on my page accessible.

Florence spent a few minutes showing us how we can use various fonts and/or draw our letters to make the page more interesting.

Florence also mentioned that Christy had supplied us with several Fuji Instax Mini 9 instant cameras with the film to take pictures at the event to use for our own memory keeping.  

The TPS CROP crew had even set up a cute photo corner that had all sort of items that could be used for Instagram style photos.  I had never used one of the Fuji Instax Mini camera's and was surprised at how easy they are to use. 

They also take pretty good pictures (for an instant camera).
Second Workshop
The 2nd Workshop was a shaker dashboard given by Sharr. 

Where she taught us how to make a shaker card (which has little bits and pieces in it that

 move when you shake the card) using the

"We are Memories Keepers" Fuse Tool and full size page protectors. 
They also had a laminator table set up for those who wanted to laminate anything.

I have one of these fuse tools that I got on Amazon which I had not previously used, so it was a treat to attend a workshop where I learned how to use it properly.  Here is how my cards came out. I chose not to laminate it because I wanted to make them double sided and use them as an insert for my travelers notebook.  

I made four shaker cards so just
keep scrolling down.

This shaker card is my favorite.  I just love the fairy theme of this kit.

The Third Workshop
The third workshop was an Instagram Photography tips workshop with Meka. Where she demonstrated how to take better pictures for Instagram.
Meka is in the reddish orange shirt.
The Fourth Workshop
The fourth workshop was how to make pocket folders with Dedra.  She showed us how to use the template she provided (in personal size) to make a pocket folder for our travelers notebook. Here is how mine came out.  It looks even better with all my other pieces from the kit.  I just love the patterns and colors of the Planner Society Fairy kit.
Pocket Folder I made from TPS Paper.
The Fifth Workshop
The fifth workshop was making a Bookmark and decorating pages with Marci.

I did the blue dashboard in the photo below in her workshop.

The Sixth Workshop
Christy Tomlinson started her workshop with an informal talk which gave us some insight into how she started the company and why designs these beautiful paper kits. She also inspired us by sharing with us on how she learned to use digital programs by watching YouTube videos and just working on the programs (learning as she went).  After the brief talk, she presented us with the Planner Society September 2017 paper kit and a personal ring bound planner.

Additional Workshops:
I also got to do a "Make and Take" type of workshop at the Prima Marketing
Pop up booth where they were selling all types of planner and travelers notebook supplies.

It was to decorate a travelers notebook insert.

We had so much fun doing all these projects.  The two days just seem to go by so quickly.  I am already looking forward to next year's event (if she has one). Once again, this was an amazing weekend. You can see that we were kept pretty busy throughout the event.  Also, the workshops were so helpful. I really enjoyed them and am thankful to the wonderful group of ladies who volunteered to teach them.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with "The Planner Society" organization, nor was I paid to do this review.  I paid for my ticket with my own funds and these are just my memories and opinions of the event.  My experience may differ from someone else's.

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