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First Time Knitting: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide: Learn By Doing: Step-by-Step Knitting

First Time Knitting: The Absolute Beginner's Guide: Learn By Doing - Step-by-Step Basics + 9 Projects By Cari Hammettis an excellent primer to teach the beginner knitter the essentials to knit successfully.

I was looking for a really good book to give as a gift to a friend who has always wanted to learn to knit but lived to far away for me to show her.  I was so excited to see this book was available and had to get it.  It is an excellent source of information for the beginning knitter.  Cari Hammett has done a wonderful job of breaking down the important steps in learning to knit and making it easy to follow. 

The book has very straightforward instructions that are easy to follow.  She does a wonderful job of reviewing the difference between Continental and English style of knitting.   The book has excellent photos of each style so the new knitter can get a good idea of how they are different.  You may wonder why this is important, well each one has a slightly different learning style.  It is a matter of what works best for each person, also one is easier for left-handers than the other.  I knit continental style because it was the way I was taught.  Truly the only difference is in how you hold the yarn to form the stitches.  There is no wrong way; it is just a matter of what way you prefer best.  Anyway, I think it is great that she goes over that for the readers. 

The book has both good directions and step-by-step photos on the basics of knitting like how to cast on, the knit stitch and the purl stitch.  Then it moves on from there to discuss how the other stitches build from there.  It also goes over how to make a gauge sample from your yarn and more.  

Here is a list of the Chapters in the book:
·      Intro
·      Basic Knitting
o   Yarn
o   Tools
o   Skills and Useful Information
o   Garter Stitch scarf
o   Scarf Knit with Two Yarns
·      Texture
o   Skills and Useful Information
o   Baby Blocks Blanket
o   Seed Stitch Table Runner
·      Shaping
o   Skills and Useful Information
o   Leaf Edge Shaw
·      Knitting in the Round
o   Skills and Useful Information
o   Easy Knit Hat
·      Putting it Together
o   Skills and Useful Information
o   Directional Blocks Scarf
o   Baby Bathrobe
·      Abbreviations
·      About the Author
·      Index

It is so well written that it does not overwhelm the new knitter; it offers information in a very useful manner.  I especially like the texture chapter because it teaches the novice knitter how to use basic stitches to create some beautiful projects.  I love this book and will probably pick up more copies to give as gifts with some yarn this holiday season.