Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016 Marion Smith Planners Lovers Retreat Swag Bag | Part 3

Most Planner Events offer the attendees a fun swag bag, and the Marion Smith Planner Lovers Retreat had two different levels of swag bags.  The bag you got depended on which ticket you purchased for this Planner Lovers Retreat.

Most of the items in the swag bag were generously donated by the vendors who had booths at the Planner Event.

The bag itself was a cute design and will be great for holding my groceries when I go shopping.  Inside my  bag was the Marion Smith Designs Heart of Gold A5 Size Planner, which I really wanted. The exterior is a faux leather that is a very pretty shade of aquamarine. It looks more blue in this picture but it is actually more green.

The interior of this planner is so pretty, it has a white background with gold metallic hearts.

I also love that the pockets on the inside of the Marion Smith Designs Heart of Gold Planner were well spaced.  Each pocket on the inside interior was about 1" to 1 1/2" in depth. So I easily put sticky notes, planner clips and other items in it.

The pockets on the other side of the planner well thought out.  You can place paper inside the pocket, and it is deep enough to add one of those Target dollar grocery pads in it.  I used one of my Halloween temporary tattoos packages to give you an idea of how well they can fit.

The bottom pocket holding the back of the sticky note set is about 2 1/4" deep.  The next pocket is the  deepest.  It held most of the tattoo packet and there is a pocket behind it to store stickers and such. I really like it when planners have well thought out pockets.  I purchased a Kikki K planner that had horrible pockets and ended up giving it away because it drove me crazy that the pockets were so poorly designs.

My Retreat Swag Bag also had a Marion Smith Designs 4 Month Planner and Notebook in it.  I thought this was a great design for students.  In the past I have ordered 6 month planners from Plum Paper (on Etsy) because then I can fill it with information relating only to that semester.  So it was cool to get one that is four months and still has some space for adding notes.  Winter semester is so much shorter than spring so this will be put to good use by one of my daughters who is starting college.

The inside layout of this 30 days planner is not dated, so it can be used at any time.

It has a weekly layout with plenty of space to log my daughter's schedule and assignments.  There are quite a few blank lines pages in the back of the book for additional notes and stuff.

And my planner goody bag also had these fun travelers notebooks and adhesives in it.
This Tomboy Permanent Adhesive Sampler was really great.  

Additionally, there was a cute hello kitty planner clip from the Elite Planners Club.  You can also see more the Elite Planners Club planner supplies on her instagram .

My planner swag bag also had these fun die cuts and an interesting gem piece in it. I am not sure how I will use the gem piece but I may turn into planner charm of some sort.

There were also some stickers from Marion Smith Designs and some pieces of very pretty papers which I can use in my planner.

The Retreat had a "Make n Take" which was learning how to make a polymer clay dangle.  I never got to do it because each table took a turn at making them I did not stay late enough to make one.  However, I think Marion Smith has a video on her Youtube channel that covers the basic on that project, so I did not miss out on anything.

Marion Smith's Kids did put on a cute "Make n Take" where for a small fee of $1, you got to make a pretty floral planner clip.  I think I did four of those because it was so quick and easy to do (plus her kids were so sweet to do this).

Over all it was a pretty fun day and I met some really great people there.  I will do a post on the swap items separately, since there were so many of those.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I paid for my ticket and for everything I purchased at this event.


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