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Review of the Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade Ball 2011

Some folks might say it is nerdy to attend an event like the "Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade Ball".  That might be true for some, however for people like me who love to design and make costumes and props........this is a must see event.  
Many of the folks who attend this ball work in the entertainment industry and the stuff they create is worth seeing.

This year the "Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade Ball" was held on the first weekend of  July 2011.  
Her dress had over 100 lights.

It was a fabulous event with a wide selection of costuming skills and design.  

This year's theme was the "Royal Court of Sypher" which has opened its gates to visitors to  

join in the masquerade and become involved in the story of line of "the elvish tribes".  

There were many different types of elves and fairies represented at this venue.
Some of the make up artistry was really fun.  The lady below had these cool brackets all over her skin to keep in the theme of her character.

The location was decorated to create an environment of enchantment and fantasy,
This structure looked like something from a sea adventure film.

 utilizing props and creative lighting effects combining both images & color blends
The lighting on the wall changed colors all night long.
To create the illusion of the elvin kingdom throughout the venue.  Throughout the show there were several stages that had a variety of entertainment to amuse the guests.  

This included "Stilt" performers who danced and gigged their way around the venue.

The night included an interesting assortment of music and performances by various local artists.

As well as bands performing to allow for dancing (it is a ball after all).
For this event, costumes were encouraged

You can not see it, but his face lights up.

or the attendee could wear formal attire as long as they wore a mask.  

This event provides a vast opportunity for designers and costume makers to show off their talents and express their creativity.

Her costume is airbrushed on (except the tutu).

Both had something that lit up in their costume.

This headpiece lights up....
There was a trend for costumes that light up this year.
Of course you can't have a party without a few vampires appearing.
Or a few cowboys, saloon girls, etc. 
There was also a great selection of very fun make up.  From airbrushed to hand painted, it was all there.

There were also folks sporting the "Steampunk" look, along with some cool accessories.

Mermaids seem to be a popular choice this year.

Then there were the "Disney Princesses" and other "Disney" characters in attendance. 

These two princess give their costumes a new look!

and you can not leave out the drag queens.

and the construction crew and prop builders ....who never miss a party.

It was very interesting to see the varied costumes and accessories.  Unfortantly, it was too crowded to take very many pictures. I missed out on photographing some really wild pieces due to such a large crowd in a tight space.  However, it was still a fun and eventful evening.