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Lego DC Superhero Girls Batgirl Batjet Chase | Review

If you like the Lego DC Superhero Girls Collection you will be happy to know that Lego has released the new Batgirl™  Batjet Chase kit.  The Batgirl Chase Kit features a Batgirl figure along with the very cool Batjet Chase vehicle.  It also includes a Yellow Krypomite with an attack buggy in the same set.  The DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl™ Batjet Chase set (41230) is reasonably priced at $24.99 on the Lego website but can also be found online and at other retailers like Amazon.  This kit works well with the other sets in this collection.  I was extremely happy when I found out that the kind folks at Lego were sending me one for my kids to test out and enjoy.  We already own the "The Joker™Notorious Lowrider" and few of the other batman themed items, so this is an added bonus to our collection.
The set itself is made up 206 pieces which included stickers and a net.  There is one large sticker sheet for decorating the bat jet and two smaller stickers that are used to decorate

The DC Superhero Girls Batgirl™Batjet Chase kit pieces conveniently come separated into two bags.

One bag holds the Batjet pieces and the other bag holds the Batgirl, the small buggy pieces and the parts for the small yellow Krypomite character. This makes it a lot easier to keep the various pieces separated.
The easiest piece to assemble is the Yellow Krypomite.  This character adds a lot of fun to the collection, according the Lego website, the yellow Krypomite character's special powers are to instill fear into those it comes across. Personally, I find the entire line of Krypomite characters are really cute and easy to put together.  There are a total of 6 Krypotomite characters available for purchase on the Lego website. However,  this kit includes a tiny version of the yellow Krypomite sold in the Krypomite kits.
Yellow Krypomite

You can see how tiny the Krypotomite creature is next to the Batgirl figure.
Bat Girl and Yellow Kryptomite

I love that Lego has beautifully illustrated step by step directions on how to build each piece that makes it easy to assemble these kits in a short amount of time. After my daughter assembled the yellow Kryptomite, she assemble the attack buggy.
Lego Yellow Krypomite Attack Buggy front view
We found that the attack buggy is also easy to put together.
Lego Yellow Krypomite Attack Buggy Side View
It only took my daughter a few minutes to assemble it.  We were really impressed by all the
details on this little piece, even the back view was interesting.
Lego Yellow Krypomite Attack Buggy - Back View
The next project was to make the Bat Girl™ Piece.
Lego Batgirl Assembly Instructions
Again, the instructions are so easy to follow that it took about 1 minute to assemble her. The details on the Batgirl™are amazing.
Lego Batgirl - Front View

The Batjet Chase had the most parts and that did take a bit longer to assemble.
Lego Batgirl Batjet Chase - Front View

Again the directions are really straight forward so my daughter had it finished in around 15 to 20 minutes.
Lego Batgirl Batjet Chase - Side View
The step that took the longest was the positioning of the stickers.  The are curved and that made a little more challenging to place it without placing slightly off the correct location.
Lego Batgirl Batjet Chase - Back View
Once it was finished, we had a lot of fun playing with it.  The Batjet actually shoots a mesh out of the front end of the batjet by pushing the back knob (as in the picture below).
Lego Batgirl Batjet Chase - Eject Button Location
Once you press on the ejection button, the bat jet throws out a net that is used to capture the yellow Krypomite.

My daughters have always enjoyed their Lego sets.   We love attending Comic Con and other similar events.  I think it is wonderful that Lego has created sets that include the DC female heroes and villains.  We have started collecting the individual DC Mini Figures and this set will be fun to add to that collection.  So far we have purchased a few of the Lego Batman sets, the Lego Joker Notorious Lowrider and some of the individual blind packs to add to our collection.  Below is the Joker Notorious Lowrider and the Batgirl Batjet Chase so you can get an idea of the size comparison.  There are a lot more pieces in the Lego Joker Notorious Lowrider than the Lego Batgirl Batjet Chase.
You can see how well the different kits work well together.

Note:  My family thanks Lego for sending us this kit for our honest review and enjoyment. We really appreciate it and we are enjoying playing with it.  It is a great addition to the many Lego sets we have already purchased and assembled.

Prima Jet-Setter Traveler's Journal Review

The Prima Jet-Setter travelers journal is beautiful bonded leather cover that features a collage of watercolor flowers and letters.  The mixing of the two patterns on this cover make it visually appealing. It is the cover I like best for my portable art journaling projects.  I was really excited to finally get my new Prima Traveler's Journal in the mail.

The starter journal set that I purchased includes:

  • 1 cover
  • 4 elastic bands, 
  • 1 Journal Charm, and
  • 2 blank ivory colored paper insert notebooks

The charm is gold toned and has the Prima Marketing Travelers Journal imprinted on it.

The Jet-Setter travelers journal includes two non lined paper journal inserts.  One has a plain black cover and the other features the same mixed patterned style as the actual travelers journal. 

 The paper is a smooth ivory colored paper.  The travelers journal inserts are approximately 5.5"x8.7" (closed). that means you have a lot of space to work in when you lay it open and flat to journal in.  

The Prima travelers journal itself measures 10"x6.5" when folded.   The Prima Jet-Setter travelers journal starter journal kit sells for around $34.99 on Amazon. I was able to stuff it with four inserts and some stickers and it stretched to 2 inches and held up very well.

I am fairly certain that I could stuff it with six inserts and it would still close up nicely.

One of the things I really like about this journal is the pockets within the interior of this travelers notebook.  When you open it up flat there are eight business card sized pockets

and two larger dollar sized pockets in the front cover.

Now, since business card sizes can vary I should point out that I tried several sizes in there.  My standard business cards fit fine but my more artistic cards had to be cut down a little to fit into the card slots.

Also, because of the extra storage pockets included, the front cover is thicker than the back cover.  I measured it to be a little less than a 1/4 inch.

 The back cover has one really nice areas to hold stickers and post it notes.

Additionally, the new Prima Travelers Journal also includes a pen loop that is sized to hold a regular size single ink pen. I usually carry three pens, so I used the leather paper protector piece to hold the additional pens that I like to carry.

I did try to stick one of my 4 ink pens into it but it did not fit into the loop easily.  I do think that over time it will stretch enough to hold my 4 colored ink pen in it.  However, since this is a brand new journal, the faux leather has not had a chance to stretch out yet.

The only thing that disappointed me with this book is that the cover came with black stains on it.  I think that perhaps the plain black cover of the insert journal may have caused the stain in some way.

I did try to rub it off but it is stained.  However, I know I will fill it with stickers so it probably wont be noticeable. If you have a suggestion on how to remove the stain, please leave a comment below and share it with me.  At this point I am just not willing to return the book and have to wait even longer for a replacement.  I am going to cover the black insert with clear adhesive paper to keep it from doing any more damage to the travelers journal.

In case you are wondering about the actual paper in the inserts, I did decide to do an ink test just to see how the inks react onto the paper.

Below is a view of the back side of the paper so you can how opaque the paper is.

My pens worked great on the paper.  The ink just went on so smoothly.  Some of the inks did bleed through a little on the back side of the paper but over all it is pretty good. I don't mind the shadowing from the inks onto the back side of the page, since I tend to add ephemera to my pages anyway.

The Prima Marketing Company offers 11 different paper inserts that suit a variety of needs which include mixed media paper, monthly, daily, and even weekly inserts. The paper insert notebooks are pretty reasonably priced and can be purchased on Amazon and other online stores.

Also, for those who may not know it, Prima Marketing also offers some really cool cling stamps that are great for using in their new travelers notebooks.

Note: I do not work for Prima Marketing.  I paid for these products with my own money. The opinions and experiences I had with these products are my own and may vary from other individuals. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect Books - Travelers Notebook Review

Jane Davenport and American Crafts partnered to create this beautiful collection of Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect Books (which are similar to travelers notebooks) in there different canvas style prints and one plain cover book.  If you have spent any time on my blog, then you know I love travelers notebooks because they are so versatile when I am on the move. 

I can insert a calendar and have my schedule available at a glance.  I usually have one with me that has watercolor inserts because I never know when I might be inspired to doodle or paint.  I like the fact that Jane Davenport offers such a delightful collection of covers in a man made material.  These books make great gifts for my vegan friends who are not fond of the leather ones that I have in my own collection.        

Anyway, the Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect travelers style notebook can hold a Midori Insert and most other standard inserts. However, Michael's does carry a varied assortment of these type of inserts to meet a variety of needs.  Jane Davenport and American Crafts also offer some inserts for these travelers notebooks.  
They are the JDMM Marker Paper Inserts which are a smooth paper and perfect for using with markers.  They also have the JDMM Watercolor Paper Inserts which are very nice for watercolors and markers.  What I like about these insert papers is that they are not bound.  You just slip them through the elastic to hold them and then you can easily remove them later.   

Book Details:

Each book measures approximately 8 3/4" x 10"   opened flat.  Folded it measures 8.3/4" 

by 5" folded 

(I used a metal measuring tape so it might be a little different from a standard measuring stick). Each book has a plain fabric interior with no pockets.  If you are using it as an art journal it will get dirty.  

Each Book comes with one 12" elastic that is woven into the book to hold 2 or more inserts. The line also has available additional sets of elastic available for purchase.

By using some elastic to connect two books together and just utilize the elastic already in the book, I was able to stuff a lot into the book 
and still have it close well.

Elastic with Charm Set Details:
The Jane Davenport Butterfly Effects Notebook (or Travelers Notebook) line offers two different charm and elastic sets.  Each set comes with one charm and three colors of elastic.  The set above comes with the girl charm and a red, green and blue elastic.  The other set is a female genie charm that comes with a pink, purple and turquoise elastic.

Pocket Pages Details:

The Jane Davenport Butterfly Effects books do not have any inner or outer pockets.  However, Jane Davenport does offer a JD MM Butterfly Effect Book Pocket Kit which offers four different plastic pockets.  The plastic pocket folders are 8"x 8" opened flat and fold to 4" x 8".

The colors of the pocket folders are yellow, pink, blue, purple. Each folder has a different print that works well with the color of the plastic pocket folder.  

These folders are perfect for holding the refill insert pages, since the pockets are located on the outside of the plastic folder instead of the interior.  You can also slide the plastic stencil into these folders and then add the refill paper inserts.  They are sized big enough to hold some paint brushes or pens.  I found them perfectly sized to hold the Jane Davenport stickers sets that I purchased at Michael's.  

Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect Book Stencil and Washi Holder:
Additionally, the Jane Davenport Mixed Media Line of products for the Jane Davenport Butterfly Effects book also has some really cool stencils and Washi Paper holders.

These are created to work well in both the Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect Books and her new line of Art Journals.

If you want to read my review of the Jane Davenport watercolors, Gel Mediums, Jane Davenport Acrylic Paint Sets, or the Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers, just click on the name or use the search engine provided on this page.

NOTE: I do not work for Michael's, American Crafts or Jane Davenport.  I purchased all the above items with my own money at Michael's.  I am not affiliated with any of the above companies, either.
My opinions are my own, and may vary from others who use and review the same products.