Friday, November 3, 2017

LEGO Friends Snow Resort Off-Roader Set | Review

If you like the Lego Friends Collection you will be happy to know that Lego has released the new Snow Resort Off-roader kit.  The Lego Friends Snow Resort Off-roader Kit features a female figure, a snowboard, luggage, a map of the ski slopes, assorted accessories along with the very cool off-roader vehicle   The set (41321) is reasonably priced at $14.99 on the Lego website but can also be found online and at other retailers like Amazon.  The Lego Friends Snow Resort Off-Roader Kit is currently available on Amazon at $14.99 (with free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime Member). I don't know how long that price will last so if you want the kit, you should check Amazon and see what the current price is.  

The new snow resort collection being sold by LEGO include a Snow Resort Chalet (41323), an Ice Rink (41322), a Snow Resort Hot Chocolate Van, and a Ski Lift (41324).  The Snow Resort Hot Chocolate Van comes with two characters and the van opens up to create a cute kitchen like setting.  The Snow Resort Chalet Kit also comes with two characters and in addition to the chalet(and an impressive list of accessories), it includes what looks like snowmobile. The Ice Rink also includes two characters, the ice rink, and an assortment of other extras.  I found that all of these kits work well with the other sets in this collection, as well as being able to stand alone.  The attention that LEGO paid to the details on these kits is amazing.

The Snow Resort Kits is a wonderful collection to introduce children to the joys of skiing and the Ski Etiquette. LEGO has even produced a darling YouTube video on the Lego Channel that explains some of more commonly known rules of ski etiquette to kids in a fun way.  The video below offers some great tips for anyone going to the ski slopes for the first time.

I love the five tips that are covered by this video.  They are:
Tip #1 – Grab a map, agree to your goals for the day, and remember to pace yourself. Some people head right for the black diamonds, but a real pro warms up before cutting loose on the tougher runs!
Tip #2 – Wait your turn at the lift and try not to step on anyone’s skis. And, don’t forget to mind those ski poles!
Tip #3 – The mountain is beautiful, so enjoy your ride on the lift, but give yourself enough time to be prepared to exit. The lift waits for no one!
Tip #4 – Your fellow skiers and shredders want to keep moving! If you need to stop, move to the side of the slope.
Tip #5 – At the end of the day, make time to unwind at the lodge. Recap your favorite moments and celebrate each other for a great day of active fun, but don’t be that space hog in the lodge; we’re friends on the slopes.

The Lego Friends Snow Resort Off-roader set is made up 141 pieces which also included stickers.

The instruction manual has wonderful step by step diagrams to assist parents in building the sets (my kids never look at the manuals but I have to).

You can see how easy the instructions are for assembling each piece of the kit.

I took only 20 minutes to put together the kit.  We have shared it with some of the kids my older daughter babysits and they have really enjoyed the elements of this kit. Again, there are so many cool elements and accessories to this kit and can be played by more than one child at a time (if you have other LEGO characters on hand).

Note: Thank you to the folks at LEGO who were kind enough to send me this kit so my kids could try it out and add it to the many other kits I have purchased.  I highly recommend joining the Lego Club because you can earn points and they send out emails with current specials and new releases.

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