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Tombow VIP Club January 2019 Box Review

If you love Tomboy products then you will love the new Twin Tone markers colors that are included in the Tombow VIP Club monthly box for January 2019.  One of the things that I like about the Tombow VIP Club box is that it does not come automatically.  Each time that Tombow offers a VIP club box they have a preview on the website so that their customers can decide if they want to order it or not.  They do tend to sell out pretty quickly, so you may want to make sure you get your name on their mailing list to know when the next one is available. 

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The January Tombow VIP Club box features their newest addition to their marker collection, the TwinTone Rainbow marker collection.  These TwinTone Rainbow Markers are double-sided markers with a broad bullet tip and an extra fine tip for more precise lines.

The Tombow VIP Club boxes always include a great insert that describes the included products and sometimes they have additional ideas and tips on how to use them.

Tombow Washi Tape

This box also included an exclusive set of Tombow Washi tape that are in fun patterns. One of the washi rolls matched the print of the new Tombow TwinTone Rainbow marker set.
Tombow Washi Tape

These rolls of washi are 15mm wide and 5m long.  I really love the colors and patterns on these washi tapes.  I love bright happy colors so I will use these up fairly quickly.

The box also included a Faux Calligraphy & Planner Doodle Insert.  One side has some easy step by step doodles and the other side features an exemplar alphabet.  The insert also has some quick tips at the top of the faux calligraphy side.  I think these will be helpful to help me with lettering and decorating in my journal.

The last item in the Tombow VIP Club box is 3 pack of Mini Size Glue tape (1/3 in x 276 in per applicator).  This mini size glue tape adhesive set is acid free and permanent.  I found them to be perfect for use in my art journals because the adhesive is so strong.

I paid a total of $25 for this kit which I feel was a great deal.  I would have paid that much for the marker set so I consider all the other cool items to be a bonus.  If you want to find out when the next Tombow VIP Club box is released, make sure you sign up on the Tombow website.  They also have some fun project ideas using their various products and for journaling tips on the Tombow blog.

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