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Customizing an American Crafts Details to Enjoy Patriotic Pocket Frame Insert

If you enjoy fun DIY desk top holiday decorations for the holidays, then the "Details to Enjoy" pocket frames and inserts from American Crafts make it super easy to customize them using your favorite craft supplies. The "Details to Enjoy" pocket frame kits from American Crafts are the perfect desk top decorations that come in two sizes. They are available in the 8"x10" frames and 6"x 5.5" frame size. The pocket frame has two tracks inside of the frame that you use to slide in the inserts. The American Crafts Details to Enjoy collection frames are sold stained or unfinished.  The inserts are sold separately and vary by season.  The top of each frame have two magnets on it that make it easy to remove and switch out the inserts.

Before I go any further, I have to make the following notation: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases” from links listed in this blog post.  If you do not want to use my links, just do a search using your favorite search engine.

I found both the frame and insert and insert at my local Tuesday Morning store at a great discount.  

I love the truck insert but the white is limiting. I wanted it to be more versatile so I can decorate it with a Patriotic theme for the Fourth of July.  Then I want to be able to use it to decorate for the holidays.  I decided to use my favorite Plaid Folk Art paints to repaint the components so they would be more versatile for both holidays.


  • American Crafts Details to Enjoy Collection Pocket Frame
  • American Crafts Details to Enjoy Pocket Frame - Do It Yourself Truck Kit
  • Folk Art Matte Acrylic Paint  - Lipstick Red
  • Folk Art Matte Acrylic Paint  - Titanium White
  • Folk Art Metallic Acrylic Paint  - Silver Anniversary
  • Folk Art Paint in a Dark Brown
  • Sponge Brush
  • Folkart Golden Talklon Base coating 1/2 Brush
  • Adhesive or Glue Gun
  • Elmer's Tac 'N Stik
  • Jolee's Boutique Dimensional Stickers - God Bless America
  • 2 Small Flags
  • 2 paper straws
  • 2 small plastic patriotic pinwheels

Step 1:

I did not like the grey background so I decided to paint the back side of the solid insert white. Using the Folk Art Matte Acrylic Paint in Titanium White and the Base coating brush, paint the solid insert. Allow an hour to dry between coats. I did three coats on my board.

Step 2:

Using the Folk Art Metallic Paint in Silver Anniversary and the brush, paint the fender silver.  I did three coats to get the right amount of sheen to the fender.

Step 3:

Take the truck components and paint them using the Folk Art Matte Paint in Lipstick Red. I found using the brush worked better than using the sponge to avoid creating too much texture in the paint.

Step 4:

Once the red paint has dried, use a dark brown paint and dry brush the details on the truck to age it. Allow to dry.

Step 5:
Allow all the components to dry.  Then begin by gluing down the larger truck piece and the black wheel piece to the back board. I used E6000 because it allows me time to move the pieces around to get them in the right spot before it dries.

Then glue the silver bumper on top of the black wheel base.

Then glue the tailgate above the bumper.

Step 6:

Leave the Jolee stickers on their plastic background. Cut around them so that they can be reused. Use the Elmer's Tack to adhere the stickers to the truck and solid white background.

Step 7:

Insert into frame.

Step 8:
Insert the flag sticks into the paper straws (if you don't have straws you can always paint them) and attach the patriotic pinwheels to the straws.

Step 9:
To finish, use the Elmer's Tack to attach the straws to the frame.

By using the Elmer's Tack, I can easily remove the stickers and flags to be able to redecorate it with a Christmas theme during the holidays.  This saves me from having to purchase and store two different inserts.

FYI:  You can find more Patriotic themed projects on the Plaid Website.  Also, you can go the Details to Enjoy site to see what other types of kits they carry.

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post, I purchased my Folk Art paints at my local craft store. I was not paid for this project. I just really love the Folk Art Paint product line and the American Crafts Details to Enjoy Collection Pocket Frames and inserts.  I have included Amazon Associate links to Amazon but you do not need to use them.  You can just do a search on google to find the closest retailer to you that carries these products. As for the pocket frames and inserts, you can find those each season at some of the local craft stores, online or through the Details to Enjoy website.

Me & My Big Ideas Warehouse Sale Haul

Me & My Big Ideas Warehouse recently had a big sale where I was able to purchase all types of planners and planner supplies at a discounted price.   Some items were sold individually at $3 and some items were sold in sets for $3.  I went with a friend and the photos below are what we bought. We split our purchases because we both knew we did not have the space to store too much supplies and it made sense to split up some of the sets (once we had purchased them).   Mambi is going to repeat this sale this coming weekend, so I thought I would post what we purchased so that you could have a better idea of what types of items were sold at the last sale. Before I go any further, I have to make the following notation: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases” from links listed in this blog post.  If you do not want to use my links, just do a search using your favorite search engine.

Just a note, it may seem like we bought a lot of items between us but our haul was one of the smallest that I noticed during this crazy shopping spree.

Below is what we purchased:

1.  The Happy Planner Sticker Sets (6 units per set) in:

Each set was $3 but sells online at around $14 per book, so you can see what an amazing deal these sticker books were at that price.  Amounts were limited so you may not find these at the next sale. The same applies to the other items purchased.

2. The Happy Planner Sticker Sets (6 units per set) in:

  • Pastels Washi Book
  • Super Fun Washi Book
  • Magical Washi Book

3. The Happy Planner Stamp Combo SMPC (2 per Unit) with stamp

and Planner Mini Stampers

4. The Happy Planner Washi Tape Sets (2 Units) in:

  • Well Krafted Washi Tape
  • Peony Florals
  • Gold Washi Tape

5.  MAMBI Makers - Water Color Transfer Paper (2 Units):

6. The Happy Planner - HP Clear Stamps - Decorative Journaling (2 units):

7. The Happy Planner - HPG Healthy Hero Pencil Pouch (2 units).

8.  MAMBI Sticks- Explorer Sticker Collection (6 Units): 

9.  Me & My Big Ideas - Clear Expressions - Die Cuts - Circle Quotes

10.  MAMBI Sticks - Explorer Sticker Collection (3 Units):

  • Big Words - Good Life Silver Foil
  • Big Words - Inspirational

11. MAMBI Sticks - Explorer Sticker Collection (3 Units):

  • Big Words - Today
  • Big Words - Be Your Gold Foil

12.  MAMBI Sticks - Explorer Sticker Collection (3 Units):

  • Big Words - Friends

13.  MAMBI Sticks - Explorer Sticker Collection (3 Units):

  • Big Words - Follow Your Heart
  • Big Words - Live Well
  • Big Words - Happiness is a Choice
  • Big Words - You Were Meant to Shine
  • Big Words - Dream Stickers
  • Big Words - Be Authentic Stickers
  • Woodland Animals Stickers

14.  Mambi Makers Coaster Kit (1 unit)

15.  The Happy Planner Create 365 Rose Gold Planner Cover (1 Unit)
Here is what it looks like opened up.

The planner easily slides into the cover.

It easily holds a well filled Happy Planner.

16. The Happy Planner Create 365 Black Planner Cover (2 Units) and The Happy Planner Girl 2019 Planner (Single Unit).  We each got one of the planner girl planners because they are really fun inside, plus they come with metal discs that are so much easier to use.

17.  The Happy Planner Girl Adhesive Pockets (2 Units) and The Happy Planner Girl Miss Maker Dashboard (4 Units)

Here is a better look at the Miss Maker Dashboard Unit.

And a look at the adhesive Pockets.

18.  Gold and Teal Fancy Tats Tattoo (3 Units).

19.  The Happy Planner Girl Plastic Bookmarks Glam Girl (2 Units)

20.  Mambi Stone Single Asst Greens (6 Units)

21. Mambi Stone Single Asst Clear (6 Units)

22. The Happy Planner Girl 365 Stackable Icons Stamps

23.  The Happy Planner Girl 365 Magnetic Clips - Grateful (2 Units), The Happy Planner Girl 365 Neon Elastic Bands (2 Units), and The Happy Planner Girl 365 Mini Elastic Bands (2 Units)

24. Mambi Makers Square Wood Photo Kit (Single Unit)

25. The Happy Planner Girl 365 Hard Cover (Single Unit)

25.  The Happy Planner Girl Mini Folders - Healthy Hero ( 2 Units), The Happy Planner Girl Clear Stamps- Miss Maker (2 Units)

As you can see, we got some really amazing deals at the sale. The lines to pay were really short at the cash only line, so if you are in a hurry then don't forget to bring along cash. Otherwise they did accept Visa and possibly MasterCard (we paid cash).  They did not take American Express or some of the other more common credit cards. Below is a picture of some of the many boxes of products that were available to purchase, as my friend put will be hunting for good deals.

Here are some tips to make shopping a bit easier:

  • Bring Cash or one of the accepted credit cards
  • Wear Sunscreen (in case you have to wait in line to get in) and hat (if you are sun sensitive)
  • Bring a water bottle because with all those bodies inside the building shopping at the same time, it gets pretty warm.  Last time they sold water but it is so much easier to just bring it with you.
  • Bring Canvas or well made bags to carry your items in while you shop.  Your hands will be full fairly quickly and they do not have shopping carts or baskets.
  • Be patient, it is a sale and the lines can get long.  However the Mambi employees are so nice and do try to keep things moving.
  • Come early, because the parking lot gets full quickly.
So where is the next sale?  So fair they have not announced a new one but I know it will be held at a location that is easily accessible to the 405 freeway in the Fountain Valley area.  

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I am not employed or associated with Mambi or the Happy Planner. I just love the product line. I paid for all my purchases with my own funds.