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My Scarlet Lime Planner Society Kit Review - August 2016 Box

Scarlet Lime Planner Society Box August 2016
If you like decorating your planner, traveler's notebook or journal with beautiful colorful unique scrapbooking papers, then you might want to consider subscribing to the Scarlet Lime  "Planner Society Kit" which is created and curated by Christy Tomlinson.  She is such a talented artist and designs the papers and many of the other elements included in each monthly planner kit.

I just got my August planner kit and was happily surprised with the quality of planning materials that my kit had.  Below is a list of what came in my box which was the basic Scarlet Lime Planner Society Kit for August 2016:

  • 6 Sheets of two sided papers
  • 1 package of puffy stickers
  • 2 sheets of regular stickers
  • 1 pad of sticky notes
  • 1 set of page flags
  • 1 pen
  • 3 ribbon paper clips
  • 1 large blue and white ribbon with charms attached (Planner or purse Charm) with burlap storage bag
  • 1 pencil or makeup bag (size works for both)
  • 1 bonus item (wood die cuts)

The August Scarlet Lime Planner Society Box was a nautical theme.  I really loved how she incorporated that with some floral prints in the papers, washi tape, and other accessories.
Scarlet Lime Planner Society Papers - August 2016 Kit
The kit also included a cute selection of stickers that work beautifully with the papers.

Also included are a darling pad of sticky notes, some nautical themed page flags and a pen that matched the theme of the kit.
Scarlet Lime Planner Society Kit Contents - Sticky Notes - August 2016 Kit

The Scarlet Lime Planner Society Kit also included these cute Paper Tabs with Preprinted Labels in

complimentary patterns that worked beautifully with the papers in the August 2016 kit.
Scarlet Lime Planner Society Kit Page Clips and Charm - August 2016
Each month the kit also includes a selection of planner related items which can vary.  Above is a picture of the Ribbon charm, burlap bag and Ribbon Page Paper Clips that were included in the August 2016 kit.  These are so cute and were a perfect match to my personal size planner.

Now the larger bow charm did have a hook that got caught on things so I removed it and replaced it with a different charm so that  I would not have to worry about getting it caught on my clothing.  The hook was turned into an earring for my older daughter's pirate costume, which she really loved.  Christy also included the cool bag below,  that I am using as a planner to go bag.  It holds enough supplies that  I take it with me so that I can plan while waiting for my daughter at her dentist appointments, doctor appointments, school, etc.  I temporarily attached the bow charm to the bag because they went so well together.
Scarlet Lime Planner Society Box Contents - Pencil bag - August 2016 
The kit also included some themed stamps and a roll of washi.  I thought it was great that the stamps have images that compliment the other elements in the kit.  As I stated before, Christy does a wonderful job in making sure the kit has a theme that is reflected in all the elements included.

This month we also got a bonus item, these really cool wood die cuts with embossed sayings.

Scarlet Lime now offers some add-on kits for those who want more stickers or washi.  These vary in price and can be seen on the website.  I am quite happy with the basic kit and find that Christy really offers a very generous selection of items in each kit.  The kit arrives in a well constructed box and are packaged in pretty bags that can be repurposed into other craft projects.

Now I am sure you are aware that there is a huge selection of monthly subscription plans available that are tailored to meet different needs.  Over time, I have subscribed to a variety of them.  There are some that have a cutesy themes, some that have animae or kawaii themes, and even some tailored for specific types of planners (Personal Size, A5, Travelers Notebooks, Erin Condren, etc.).  If you like beautiful papers with great design elements that also incorporate the same theme throughout the included accessories, then you may want to check out her website and see some of the other themes that she has included in past boxes.

Kate Spade Personal Size Planner
One of the things that I like about the Scarlet Lime Planner Society kits is that I can use the kit contents in both my personal sized Kate Spade planner and my Midori travelers notebooks.  Another reason I was attracted to these kits is that she does not do any holidays themes in her subscription kits.  That is really great because I am a bit picky about what stickers and papers I like to use for holiday themes.  I did find out that Christy does design and sell some holiday kits, like her 2016 Halloween kit which is available on her site (until it is sold out). However, these are a offered separately from the monthly kit and anyone can order them (you do not have to subscribe to get the holiday kits).

Note:  I am not affiliated with the Scarlet Lime Planner Box, I am just a happy customer. Also I pay for my monthly subscription and really enjoy the items I get each month.