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Tuesday Morning Haul - Dylusions by Dyan Reaveley

I do a lot of Tuesday Morning Store hauls because they are a great resource for buying art journaling and travelers journal supplies at a discount.  I decided to visit my local Tuesday Morning store to see if I could find any art journaling supplies and set a budget of $20.

The first item that I bought was a Dylusions Creative Dyary (diary) by  Dyan Reaveley for $6.99.  Ranger used a cute play on words by spelling the word Dyary instead of Diary to reflect Dyan's (the designer of this fabulous planner) name in the product title.  However, this does make it challenging when I google this product to get more information, since spell check is constantly trying to correct the spelling. The delusions "Creative Dyary" planner sells for around $16.99 on Amazon (the price can vary).  You can find out more information on Dyan Reaveley on her Blog or Website.  Before I go any further, I have to make the following notation: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases” from links listed in this blog post.  If you do not want to use my links, just do a search using your favorite search engine.

I enjoy the Dyan Reaverley line of products so getting this planner at that price was a cool score.  I will actually use these for an art journal and memory planner. One of the best features of the Dylusions Creative planners is that one side of each week is has the days of the week already filled in. They are non dated so you can easily start using the planner immediately. Additionally, some of the pages are already decorated with designs that the you can color in with your favorite colored pencils or makers.  The paper is multi media quality so it takes color well.

Some of the pages have various color patterns.  This makes it easy for those who like to decorate their planners pages to add stickers, washi tape and die cuts.

They are really pretty and personally, there a few pages that I don't feel even need any additional decorating (like the one below).

There are 52 weeks included in this planner but you don't have to use all of them. There is a video on YouTube where Dyan Reaverly explains some of the fun features of this planner and other fun products from her line.

The second item was the Ranger DYE61120 Dyan Reaveley's delusions creative dyray (planner) bag which I thought was so cute.  I love the various patterns on this bag and they are similar to some of the stickers that are available in her sticker book.   I also like that this bag has an elastic which makes it easy to attach to the above dylusions planner that I purchased.  This bag was $2.49 which is a lot cheaper than it is on Amazon.

I did not find anything else that I needed or wanted.  The total with tax came out to less than $12 which was below the $20 budget I had set for the day.  I think it was a pretty good haul for the amount I had to spend.  If you want to see a past haul I did at Tuesday Morning, then just click here to go to that post.

Note: This is not a sponsored post, I paid for everything with my own funds. Also I do have some links listed for Amazon but the stuff was cheaper at Tuesday Morning.