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Dollar Store 1930 Style Bowler Hat Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

I needed an affordable 1930s style hat for a simple woman's Halloween costume accessory, so I picked up a simple plastic bowler hat at the 99cent store.  This inexpensive hat was a pretty good choice because it was felted on the outside of the hat which provided me with a nice base to create a hat for my costume that did not look too cheesy.  Below is how I made this easy to decorate 1930s inspired bowler hat for my Halloween costume.

Materials Purchased at dollar store:
  • ·      Plastic Bowler Hat  
  • ·      Black tulle (4” wide)
  • ·      Grey burlap
  • ·      Fabric  flowers

Supplies Used:
  • ·      Glue gun
  • ·      Glue
  • ·      Twist tie
  • ·      Black Cotton Thread
  • ·      Sewing Needle

Step 1:
Cut the tulle fabric long enough to wrap around brim of the hat twice.  Glue or sew onto the brim of the hat.

Step 2:
The take a 6 inch square piece of fabric and gather it in the center, use a twist tie to hold it in place while you sew the gather.

Step 3:
To make the focal piece for the hat, use the glue gun to attach the flowers to the fabric square.  

Step 4:
To finish the hat, glue the focal piece onto the hat.

The total cost of materials was around $4 (plus tax).  I think that was a pretty good cost for a costume accessory and I was happy with the way it came out.

Note:  I prefer sewing the flowers to the hat so they won't fall off during the party.  However, you can easily use a hot glue gun to glue the decorations onto the hat.

A Sampling of Costumes From the Renaissance Faire

I thought I would share some fun costume images for those who are looking for Renaissance Faire or Halloween Costume Ideas.  These are just a few of costumes I encountered at my visit to my local Renaissance Faire.  These are only a few examples of some fun renfaire garb ideas.  Personally, I love the one above of a dog dressed as a pirate.  Many of the visitors with service dogs had really fun costumes for them.

There were all types of fun costumes to be found this year at faire. Including the "Three Sisters" who were witches of sorts.  They had a really fun gig they did throughout the faire.

I am not sure what these characters were supposed to be but they are fun costumes.

This zebra costume was an amazing makeup job and held up well during the 100 degree day.

The Fairy was very popular with the kids.

As was this performer who did mime and interacted with the various guests at the faire.

Some folks came dressed in their Wild West Gear.

The tree man was a great addition to the faire this year.  He was about 12 feet high and it was amazing that he could handle the hole filled terrain in those stilts.

Then of course there were more traditional renaissance faire costumes, like the Queens Guard Costumes.

And male and female peasant costumes.

These female Renaissance Faire performers had on more traditional costumes.

This child's Renaissance Faire costume was very meticulously made and held up well throughout the season filled with daily performances.

There were all types of interesting faire garb to be found at this event. I hope you enjoy this sampling.
Leave a comment below and let me know what types of costumes you see at your local faire or event.