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Minion Super Hero Planner Meet-up at Hearts-n-Crafts Etc

The Minion themed Planner Meet-up at the Hearts-n-Craft Etc. store in Covina, California was a fun opportunity to spend the afternoon with other like-minded individuals who also enjoy working on their planners or travelers notebooks.  Pamela Heck Milligan-Hersey put a lot of effort into making this a fun event for us.  The theme for this event was "Minion Super Hero's" which meant that she and Tee (the owner of Hearts-n-Crafts Etc. store) would be making some pretty cool decorations.  After all, it is a scrapbooking and card making store that stocks some pretty fabulous merchandise.

They even had a cute photo corner where you could take a pic with this adorable Minion Frame.  I had Pamela Heck Milligan-Hersey pose with it so I could take a picture to show you.

We learned to make the above Travelers Notebook out of cardstock and paper.  It also holds sticky notes, which we also learned to make. Who knew that rubber cement is good for making sticky notes? It was a surprise for me.  Below is an example of one made by one of the attendees.  It looks great!

The table centerpieces were darling and reflected the Minion Super Hero theme in a cute way.

They actually made enough that each of us was able to take one home. My daughter loved the one I brought home which was the Batman themed minion.

Along with the Super Hero Minion Center Pieces, we also got a planner goody bag which was also decorated in the minion theme.

Here are only some of the planner goodies we got at the Minion Super Hero Planner Meet-up which included: stickers, die cuts, a mini travelers insert kit, planner clips and more.

Instead of the usual planner swap where we give out a small planner related item to each person, Pamela decided to try something new.  She had us make 5 mini make-n-take sets.

The first one was a Halloween Themed Card taught by Sandy Irvine.

All the parts needed to make the card were included in the packets.  It was so fun to see how each person had a different card using the same parts.

Here is another "Make-n-take" tutorial was done,  we learned how to decorate these

adorable animal card frames.

There were more projects, this was just a sampling.  Those who wanted to participate got to show the others how to make the project.  This was an amazing idea which we really liked. I can't wait to see what Pamela and Tee come up with at the next event or class.  You can follow the Hearts-n-Crafts Etc Facebook page to see what upcoming events they are having in the store.

You can find pictures from other planner meet-ups and a variety of planner photos by using any of the following hashtags on Instagram:

Disclaimer: I am not associated with "Hearts-n-Crafts Etc" store nor do I work for Pamela.  I paid for my ticket with my own funds and had a great time.