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Valentine Card Tutorial by Margot Potter with at the Winter CHA 2013 Show.

Another highlight of my time at the Winter CHA 2012 show was getting to attend a class given by Margot Potter featuring a new product called

This is such a fun product, is a sticker that allows the user to upload an image, short video, or audio mesage.  The image is attached to that particular code on the sticker.  This allows the user to attach it to a blog post, a card, an invitation, scrapbook page and other media.  This is a wonderful way to capture a baby's first steps or words in video or audio formats.  Another fun idea is to attach a special message to a card from a loved one.  So if I entered the information from the sticker below correctly, you should be able to scan it with your smart phone (you need the app for this) and you will see a picture and message.  If scanning it does not work or you do not have a smart phone, just go the website and enter the number on this sticker to see the image.

The receiver of the specific code can then view the image, short video or audio message just by using their computer, ipad, or smart phone to read the individualized code on the sticker.  This links them to the website, where they can download the free app and then they can enjoy the attached media file. Story Stickers Packs of 2
The stickers are sold in packets of 2 or 10 unique coded stickers.  You can also order special stickers that can be used in fabric crafts.  For a special occassion, they sell multiple packs of the same code so that you can send the same message to more than one recipient.I recommend visiting their website, where they have some fun tutorials created for teaching the end user  on how to incorporate the sticker into their craft projects.

If you haven't had the chance to read one of Margot Potters' books, you are really missing out.  Margot is best known for her "Impatient Beader" series of books which are straight forward fun beading books.  One of my favorites is  "The Impatient Beader Gets Inspired!: A Crafty Chick's Guide to Instant Inspiration" where she gives some great tutorials that really inspire the reader to create beyond the original design and create something that reflects their own personality and lifestyle.

In her many beading books, she takes on the role of teacher and mentor to the new beader and this ability to inspire could really be experienced in her live class sessions.
As usual, Margot had a full house in attendance for this class.
For this particular class, Margot Potter gave a great tutorial of how to use the sticker in a cute

valentine's card project. Valentine Card designed by Margot Potter
She provided the students with some fun products to work with and a great pair of Fiskars Micro-tip scissors which made working with the different materials ever so much easier.

The President, Mike Newman,  of gave a quick tutorial on how easy it is to upload data to the website and link it to the sticker.
Mr. Newman even provided some fun backgrounds so folks could use their smart phone to take a picture to upload to the website (like this fun pic of Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland).

Then Margot explained the versatility of the product and then gave a second tutorial where she showed us how to make a fun pin with the data sticker made with easy to find materials

such as cupcake liners in mini and regular size.

Once we attached them, we cut them up a bit.
Then added a circle die cut and the sticker.  We put the pinback on the back of the piece.

To make it look really good, Margot had us fluff them up a bit to make them fuller and more festive looking.  You can tell from Rebecca's smile that she really enjoyed this project too!
Rebecca Hernandez holding her cool adhesive machine.
If you enjoyed this cupcake wrapper project, Margot has another one that she did on the iLoveToCreateBlog.  That project is a fun Valentine's cupcake wrapper bouquet project with wonderful step-by-step directions that are super easy to follow.   Margot also has a YouTube channel with some pretty funny videos that get you crafting with a smile.

I have to give a big thank you to Margot Potter and the fun folks at for such a fun and informative class.  We all had such a good time that it was hard to leave at the end of the class session. I really loved the product line and checked the website where I found out that they are currently sold out of some of the sticker packs.  So I guess I will have to check back and wait for them to get more in.


OBAN Festival Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement) Exhibition

Mari Yukawa Prasad
This year's OBAN Festival at the Zenshuji Soto Mission featured a Japanese Ikebana flower

arrangement exhibition.  Here are some images of the Ikebana arrangements from the show.
Curnow Dan

Ikebana is a spiritual art form in which nature and humanity are brought together.  The practitioner practices silence and reflection while creating these beautiful displays.  The arrangements draw the viewers eyes toward line, form, and shape.  The practitioner shows their intention with through all these elements through the finished piece.

Curnow Dan

Alfonso Mendoza

Homer Mason

Yoshu Miyahara

Shoko Koizumi

Haruko Takeichi
Hiroko Szechinski

Izumi Uemura

Ryoko Nishidate
A closer look.

Ryoko Nishidate

Toka Inoue

Yoko Shimojyou
If you are interested in seeing more of this art form the Ikebana International has a great website to refer to, also you can search YouTube for some fun "How To" videos.