My reviews are based on my personal experience with a product or event. I am not a professional product tester nor do I get paid for any of my blog posts.

The items that I post reviews on, have either been purchased on the internet or through a local vendor. Additionally I will review items that I got on sale, as a gift or as a sample from either the manufacurer or some other source.

Note: always read the manufacturers directions on how to properly use a product and craft carefully. Additionally, I am an Amazon Associate and may earn a few cents (literally) from your clicking on my Amazon links. Since they raised the minimum payout from earnings to $10 I haven't seen a credit for a while but eventually I will get one.

Every penny counts when trying to set a budget to get supplies to use for my reviews, tutorials and hauls. However, you do not have to use my links. You can use your favorite search engine to find the best price for your budget.


Maria is a project designer and writer. She designs projects specifically for either television, print, project sheets or manufacturer's websites. She is also a product photographer and has done photo layouts for artists and manufacturers. Her work has appeared in a variety of print media, including "Polymer Cafe Magazine", Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Magazine Ads, DIY Network & HGTV Network Websites, and other publications nationwide. 

She has been a guest artist for several seasons on various cable television design shows like: DIY Jewelry Making, HGTV's Carol Duvall, DIY's Uncommon Threads, and various foreign shows. Her work has been featured on several seasons of the "Knitty Gritty" show, as a Knister and had her projects published on the DIY Network website. Maria has also worked as a segment producer, set dresser, and other "Art Department" positions within the entertainment industry. 

Maria is also a multi-media artist whose jewelry designs and artwork have been shown at local Los Angeles area art galleries and boutiques. Her private client list includes actors, actresses, private sector companies, and others.

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