Thursday, October 4, 2018

Stickii Club Monthly Sticker Club - Review

If you love collecting Kawaii stickers or just some fun stickers with cool themes then you might enjoy some of the fun sticker collections offered by the Stickii Club.  The Stickii Club offers both monthly subscriptions, as well as  the opportunity to make a single purchase of past collections.  Their website updates often with new offerings so you may want to visit it often to view new collections before they sell out.

The Stickii Club offers three different style sticker subscription packs.  They sell for about $10 plus shipping (which is really reasonable) and depending on the state you are in, you may be charged tax.  The sticker collections come in a really nice plastic sleeve and is prepunched and can be added to most A5 size ringed planners.  According to the Stickii Club website each pack may contain:
5 sheets of Stickers - the Manor Collection

  • 5-6 sticker sheets
  • 1 sticker flake packet
  • 1-2 Stationary Items (at least 1 is usually a cool paper clip)
  • A plastic sleeve that has been specially made to hold their stickers.

Stickii Club Stationary Items for the Manor Set

The quality of the plastic sleeves is really nice.  The sleeves have a couple of pockets to hold the stationary items and the flake packs. There is also a larger pocket to hold the sheets of stickers.

Another bonus, is that they include a set of triangle shaped stickers that can be adhered to the plastic sleeves so you can easily identify which set is in the sleeve.  I put my sleeves in an A5 Ringed Planner Binder so this makes finding the right sticker so easy and efficient.
Corner Sticker to Label Collection Sleeve

There are three choices of sticker packs to choose from:

  • Cute,
  • Retro 
  • and Pop

You can subscribe to just one or to all three.  I subscribe to just two but I like that they do sell past sets on their site so I can purchase any that really appeal to me. My favorite are the Retro Collections. Below are two of my favorite past sets from the Stickii Club Making Memories Collection

and the Stickii Club Gothic Literature Collection (they are sold out of this one).  Below are some of the stickers that were included in the Stickii Club Making Memories Collection (they still have a few available on the website).

I also really love the tiny framed artwork stickers below.  I can not remember which collection they were in but they are my favorites.  They fit perfectly in the monthly boxes of my Hobonichi Weeks planner.  They are small without losing any of details. The quality of this sheet of stickers is great.

I have included some links to the Stickii Club site which are just for your convenience. I do not make any money at all from them.  Check out there site and see some of the cute and retro stickers that they have available.  Also, if you are curious as to what they are going to release next month, just check out their instagram.  They post peeks and previews of the new collections and some of their new sticker sheets there.

Disclaimer:  I do not work for Stickii Club nor is this post sponsored. I paid for my stickii sets and subscriptions with my own money.  This is just my opinion of their collections which you may or may not agree with.  The best way to figure if it is a good match for you is to experience their sticker sets for yourself.  

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Review Paper House Productions Journey Book Set

The Paper House Unicorn Journey Book Set is a standard size Travelers Journal style cover that includes inserts and stickers.

The interior of the standard size Paper House Unicorn Journal Book Cover (5"x8.75") has 4 elastics which will hold four books. However, if you use some elastics, you can add additional inserts to the cover.  Below is a look at the interior which has two side pockets.

The inserts included in this kit are 4.24"x8.25" (standard size inserts) and have 32 sheets (double sided which equals out to 64 pages) of paper.

The inserts have dot grid paper which are very versatile and can be used for writing, drawing and journaling.

The sheet of gold foiled adhesive tabs includes:

  • Months of the year
  • Goals
  • Notes
  • To Do 
and assorted decorative circle stickers.  The stickers are great to use in the included inserts. The cover also features an elastic closure that helps hold it closed.

I really like this kit and I am so happy that I was able to purchase it on sale at Hobby Lobby.

Note:  I do not work for Paper House Productions.  I paid for this kit with my own money.  These are my opinions and experience with this kit.  Your opinions and experience may vary from mine.  Also, the links to Amazon sometimes pay me a few pennies (literally I have so far not made more than $5 a month from my links). I place them for both your convenience and to make a very small amount of money to pay for some of the items I purchase to review.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

My Review of the Dylusions Travelers Notebook and Accessories

The Ranger Dylusions Dyalog Canvas Covers and inserts feature original artwork by Dyan Reavely. If you love her designs, then you will enjoy the collection of covers, inserts, pocket inserts, and washi tape.  The line features several canvas covers that measure 5.875" x 8.75" folded. Each Cover has two interior elastics.

The Dream Cover.
The covers are a sturdy canvas material which I hope will hold well over time.
The Frame Cover.

Here is a view of the inside of the covers for Frame (blue) and Dream (orange/red),
Inside view of the Frame Cover.

Inside View of the Dream Cover.

and the outside of the covers (which I have layed the canvas cover flat so you can see some of the fun details).
Front View of the Frame Cover

The view of the Dream Cover.

These canvas covers are little bit larger than the standard travelers notebook covers which allows for extra inserts to be placed into the journals using elastic bands.  I added a total of four with some of the pocket inserts and the cover folded over them well.

Each of the Ranger Dylusions Dyalog Insert Books are 4.375" x 8.25" and contain 24 pages.  According to the Ranger website, the Dialog Insert Books are available as:
and a handwriting lines insert book (which I was unable to purchase).

The Joann Stores were pretty low on insert when I visited.  However, I was able to purchase a Dylusions Black insert package.  The Dylusions black inserts are 24 pages of black paper.

I am going to use my white gel pens and my bright colored gel ink pens in this insert.

I also purchased the "Backgrounds" Ranger Dylusions Dyalog Insert Book which has 24 pre-printed
Dylusions Background Insert Pages

pages with a fun variety of backgrounds.  Below is a look at some more of the Delusion Backgrounds Insert pages from the insert I purchased.  The pages are really pretty and I love the selection of colors and patterns on the pages.

I also picked up a package of Dylusions Dylalog pocket inserts.  The Ranger Dylusions Dyalog Pocket inserts come in packages of 3 inserts.

These are made of card stock material that has a fun variety of prints.

Here is a view of the inside of one of the Dylusions pocket inserts. The pockets are designed to hold documents, receipts, notes, etc.
Inside view of the Dylusions pocket insert.
 The smaller slots cut inside of each pocket can hold a paper clip or business cards (the slot is supposed to be cut to a standard business card size).  I tried mine and they fit fine but mine are cut a little smaller than most standard cards.

I was lucky enough to take a class from Dyan Reavely at a trade show (a few years ago) and she is amazing.  If you ever get a chance to take a class from her, she is a fun teacher with some great techniques that she generously shares with her students.  As a fan of travelers notebooks and journals, I love this new line which adds color and patterns into the mix.  The Dylusions Travelers Notebook and Accessories line can also be found on Amazon.  If you pick up any of her stamp sets, she has some great examples of pages she created using them on the Dyan Reavely blogspot.

Note: I do not work for Ranger, Dyan Reavely, or JoAnns. I just really like this line and wanted to share a bit of information with you.  Also, I have added some links to Amazon that may provide a few cents back to support this blog.  You don't have to use them. You can just run a search on google to find out more information on the product line or to purchase them.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Free Plaid Painting Class and Discount Code on their Live Facebook Feed

Project Photo by @plaid

If you have every wanted to attend one of those fun painting party, paint and sip, girls night out painting events or just plain paint, then you are going to love the free live painting class being hosted by Plaid on their facebook page feed. 

The theme is Learn to Paint: ‘Peace, Love & Avocado's’ a Live Stream Paint Along.  It is hosted by Plaid Crafts on:    Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 7:30 pm Eastern (4:30 pm Pacific time).  The limited time discount code is:  PWPAUGUST2018 for 30% off (check website for  any limitations).

You may already have some of these colors for this month's theme.  The list of suggested Folk Art Paints can be found on the Plaid website .

In addition, you may need some of the following

  • Grid avocado pattern
  • 12" x 12" stretched canvas ( I am painting this on wood)
  • Palette
  • Water basin
  • Paper towels
  • Stencil tape
  • Hair dryer (optional).

The costs of the supplies is around $30 but if you already have some of them then it is less. However, I think this is a great deal.  I have paid $45 for a painting class and that amount only paid for the class and not the supplies.  So for me a less than $30 (I already own some of the paint colors)  investment for my daughter and I do to the painting class is a great deal.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Free Plaid Facebook Live Paint Class Link for July 2018

Photo by @Plaid

If you have every wanted to attend one of those fun painting party, paint and sip, girls night out painting events or just plain paint, then you are going to love the free live painting class being hosted by Plaid on their facebook feed at  

The theme is Learn to Paint: ‘Serene Summer’ a Live Stream Paint Along.  It is hosted by Plaid Crafts on:    Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 7:30 pm Eastern (4:30 pm Pacific time).

You may already have some of these colors for this month's theme.  The list of suggested supplies is:

FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Parchment, 2 oz.
FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Titanium White, 2 oz.
FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Aqua, 2 oz.
FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Calypso Sky, 2 oz.
FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Ocean View, 2 oz.
Mod Podge ® Gloss, 8 oz.
Folkart ® Brush Set - Artist Variety Set, 10 pc.
Folkart ® Brush Set - Basecoating Set, 2 pc. 
and a surface to paint on.
The costs of the supplies is around $30 but if you already have some of them then it is less. However, I think this is a great deal.  I have paid $45 for a painting class and that amount only paid for the class and not the supplies.  So a $30 investment for my daughter and I do to the painting class is a great deal.  

Below is what Plaid has posted on their Facebook page:
Watch to paint along “Summer Memories” with us in just one hour during our FREE Live Stream paint party class on Thurs., July 12, 2018, at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT! #PaintWithPlaid is the ultimate night in with friends or family, or it’s a chance to nourish your own soul with a creative escape. Make your art extra special by optionally adding sand and shells from your favorite beach trip with Mod Podge. Get the supply list below, and we can’t wait for you to join us! 


DISCOUNT CODE: Use code PWPJUL2018 to save 30% and receive free shipping on orders over $35. Expires 7/31/2018. Cannot be combined with any other offer. See site for details. 

Note: All supplies equate to ~$30. But you certainly won't use all the paint and your brushes will last a long while! Split the cost with friends and you're in for a super fun & frugal night!

HOW TO WATCH: Visit our Facebook page (NOT this event listing) at the time/date listed to watch the live stream:

CAN’T WATCH LIVE? Replay on demand in the 'videos' section AFTER the stream concludes:

SHARE YOUR WORK: Post it on our Facebook page or tag #PaintWithPlaid on any social channel!


Anyway, this month they are doing something new, by incorporating sand and seashells into the project.  I don't have a lot of table space in my house so I have to limit the display items I have.  I am loving that this is a painting and I can hang it on the wall.   I think it will be fun to display it on my wall to bring a little of the beach into the home.  By the way, if you end up painting the project, don't forget to use the hashtag #PaintWithPlaid so that they can see what everyone has created. 

Disclaimer:  I do not work for Plaid. I am not sponsored by them.  I just enjoy their product line and love taking advantage of these live feeds.  

Friday, June 29, 2018

Hobby Lobby Art Supplies Clearance Haul

I went to Hobby Lobby this week and was able to score some great art journal supplies at a deep discount and keep within my art budget.  As you know, art supplies can be expensive.  I am taking an art class at my local college.  For these classes the teacher prepares a list of supplies needed to complete all the assignments.  This does become expensive.  After going to Michaels, JoAnns and the Art Supply Warehouse, I end up having to spend around $150 for those supplies.  I know I will be taking more classes so now I keep a look out for sales and discounts.

I find out that the Hobby Lobby by my house has been clearing a lot of their merchandise out of the store.  The shelves are not very stocked and so many of the products used to purchase have disappeared from the store.  I found that Hobby Lobby can be expensive when it comes to art supplies (painting, drawing and art journaling)  so I did not buy anything there when I was getting my kit together for school last January.

I was really surprised to find a set of Stadler color pencil sets at extremely discounted prices. I paid $1.24 for a box of 24 colour pencils.  I paid $2.99 for a Johanna Basford Colouring Canvas.  It is reinforced so that the user can use colour pencils to fill in the color of the canvas.

I bought two of the canvases. I am a fan of Johanna Basford's artwork and thought these would be great to hang them without coloring them in.

I also picked up a colored pencil set from Faber-Castell and their Eco Pencil line.  The box above was marked down to $2.49 for a box of 24 Grip EcoPencils.  The grip is little dots on the pencil that makes it easier to hold.

I got a box of 24 triangular Color Pencils with a break resistant lead for $1.74.  That is a pretty big markdown.

The next box is a box of 12 Metallic Colored EcoPencils for $1.74.  They are pretty fun to use on black or brown paper.

I also got a set of Royal & Langnickel Black Taklon Paint brushes for $3.49.  I also found a Royal & Langnickel Water Color set for $2.49 which came with a pad of watercolor paper, 10 watercolor tubes, a plastic pallet, 2 brushes, and a spatula type tool.

I was able to pick up quite a lot of supplies that I can use for practicing what I am learning at school. I have to save my expensive art quality supplies for assignments that I turn in to the teacher.  Being able to take advantage of these mark downs was great and I will get a lot of use from them.

Note: This is not a sponsored post, I do not work nor am I associated with Hobby Lobby.   I used my own money to pay for my purchase and just wanted to share my finds with my readers.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Tuesday Morning Art Journaling Supplies Haul $10 Challenge

The Tuesday Morning Stores are a great resource for buying art journaling and travelers journal supplies at a discount.  I recently did another shopping challenge with my friend to see what items I could purchase at the store without exceeding the budget.  The one rule we have is that we do not purchase anything that we truly will not use.

The first item that I bought was a Dina Wakley Ranger Stamp & Stencil Set (Essential Sihouttes) for $4.99.  This set sells for around $12.99 on Amazon.  I enjoy the Dina Walkley line and getting this set at that price was a cool score.  I will use these in my art journal and planners.  Below is a close up of the stamps.  They have some fun details.

The stencil has a good assortment of patterns that I will get a lot of use of.

The second item was a sticker sheet full of different quotes and phrases the "Little Bicycle line.  I thought the inspirational quotes are great to use in my planners and art journal.

I did not find anything else that I needed or wanted.  The total with tax came out to less than $8 which was below the $10 budget we had set for the day.  I think it was a pretty good haul for the amount I had to spend.  If you want to see a past haul I did at Tuesday Morning, then just click here to go to that post.

Note: This is not a sponsored post, I paid for everything with my own funds.