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Plaid Folk Art Multi-Surface Paints Review

The new Folk Art Multi-surface paint works on so many different types of surfaces: like glass, wood, multimedia papers, fabric, plastic, canvas, wood, and Terra Cotta.  The paint has a really vibrant satin finish that really pops on light colored backgrounds.  The paints are very versatile and friendly to the pocket book.  You only need to buy a few colors to be able to create so many types of creative projects.  I have a limited space in my house for art and craft supplies.  I have been searching for a good multi-surface paint and am so glad that Plaid created these.  I have been a big fan of the Plaid products since they came out with their gallery glass line.  My experience with the Plaid Folk Art line has been very positive. I know I can rely on their products to give me great results. The collection above is the 12 color Folk Art Multi-surface set from Amazon which was a great deal at $19.97.

I painted some sample swatches of the colors 

that I have so you can get an idea of how vibrant the colors are.

I also painted some sample swatches of the Folk Art Multi-Surface paint on a glass so you can see which paints are opaque 

and which are more translucent.  This paint is so versatile that if you use it on glass (and ceramics), you just need to follow the manufacturer’s directions to cure it so that it becomes top-shelf dishwasher safe (gentle cycle).  

The Plaid website states that the paints can also be used for outdoor projects.  I have not tested that out yet, but I am looking forward to using the paints to create some fun holiday outdoor and indoor d├ęcor.

They also did a great job on the bottles.  The front of the bottle has a great font that makes it easy to spot these paints in the store. 

The back of each bottles gives tips on how to properly use the paint and how to cure it on glass or ceramics.  You can also find this information on the Plaid website, as well as some fun projects.  The paints are also non toxic and made in the USA, so you know they meet the guidelines set by the government for these types of products.  

 This is only a small small of the beautiful colors available in this line. You can get a 16 piece set of the Folk Art Multi-Surface paint on Amazon that has some great colors to get started crafting.   There are a lot of colors and they even have metallic colors which I find quite useful when creating faux metal props and costume pieces.

NOTE: I do not work for Plaid. They have not paid me for this review. I just really love their product line and enjoy using it in my craft projects and art work.  I have included Amazon Associate links to Amazon but you do not need to use them.  You can just do a search on google to find the closest retailer to you that carries these paints.