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Winter CHA 2013: Katy Sue Designs Cupcake Molds

Katy Sue Designs had some amazing molds on display at the show this year.  My favorite was their "Meadow Cupcake Molds".

Meadow Cupcake Molds from Katy Sue Designs
These images on these molds are reminiscence of a cameo, depending on the colors you choose to make
them with.  The black and white ones are more dramatic than the pastel water colored ones from Victorian Garden cupcake mold collection.
Victorian Garden Cupcake Molds from Katy Sue Designs

These are so easy to use.  Once you choose which mold you are going to work with,
Katy Sue Designs Cupcake Molds

you dust the surface lightly with corn starch.

Then you place the sugar paste into the mold. Pressing it firmly into the mold.

Then just use the roller to flatten it.

Trim off any excess off the edges.

Then decorate the finished piece anyway you like.  Angie, the product demonstrator, hand painted the

the molded sugar paste piece below with special cake decorating paints.

The finished look on these is completely in the power of the person who is using it.  Here are some
Victorian Garden Cupcake Molds by Katy Sue Designs

pictures of the same mold used with different color schemes and icing accents.
White on White for an elegant treat.

Meadow Cupcake Molds by Katy Sue Designs

Here is a better look at some of the molds.
Meadow Cupcake Molds from Katy Sue Designs

These are so versatile and easy to use.  I can't wait for them to be available at my local cake supply store.  They can be ordered on line at this link. What types of cake decorating supplies do you enjoy or recommend?


Bella Blvd. Paper Wedding Dress Display at the Winter CHA 2013:

Paper Wedding Dress at the Bella Blvd booth
Bella Blvd had an outstanding booth display this year at the Winter C.H.A. 2013 show.  You could not
walk past the booth without noticing the amazing wedding dress completely crafted by paper they had in their booth.  This dress was created by artist, Beth Gerlach, who crafted this dress completely from small pieces of paper

and lots of glue sticks.  You can see more pictures of this dress on the Bella Blvd Blog.
Make & Take Project at the booth
The rest of the booth was equally impressive.  They had some wonderful new papers and products.
The first line of new papers that I got to look at was the "Engaged At Last" line of papers.
Card made with Engaged At Last papers
 These are lovely.  The projects below are  made with this line of papers.
Dress is made from "He Proposed" paper from the Engaged At Last line of paper
Box decorated with paper and tags from the "Bouquet Kisses" line
This wedding cake box is made from the new line of papers called "Love and Marriage".  They are made up with following papers:  Esther Fleming Floral, Vows, Cake Tasting, and Turner Ballroom papers.
Love and Marriage Paper Line
As you can see the colors and patterns in particular line of papers are so fun.

You can really see the difference between the prints with this paper floral bouquet made up with the following papers: Esther Fleming Floral, Cake Tasting, May Eighteenth, Turner Ballroom.  The bouquet also features the new feathers from Bella Blvd's signature palette.

Just in time for Valentines Day, here is a look at two Valentine's Day Card Projects made with papers from the new "Kiss Me" line.  The project below features the following papers:  Mustache Love, Love Notes, True Love, and Flutter.

The two projects below feature the following papers (from the same line):  Flutter, True Love, Love Notes, and card stock stickers.

Bella Blvd has a great blog that posts some great projects for different holidays and occasions.

The accessory wall had a great selection of new products.

Bella Blvd's signature line of Designer Tapes.

Buttons in colors that compliment the paper line.

The new selection of "Crochet Hearts" are available in colors that work well with all the papers, as you

can see on this wedding themed scrapbook page.

This season's new line of papers were inspired by Bella Blvd's owner who has been busy planning her own wedding.  The design team at Bella Blvd did an amazing job creating projects that showed the versatility of new lines.