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More Halloween Costume Inspirations

For those who are still trying to come up with their last minute Halloween costumes, 
Fairy Costume and Make up
here are some pictures of various costumes I came across this year.

Harry Potter Costume
A female Robin Hood Costume.

Female Robin Hood

This Knight Costume is fun and made up of recycled beer cans.
Knight Costume made up of Recycled metal beer cans.
Another Knight Costume made of recycled materials and Duct Tape.

This corsette is made up of playing cards.

Here is a better view of the green fairy costume.

Here are a few more fairy costumes.

Where there are fairies, there will be trolls.

And of course everyone loves a Doctor Who costume. 

Doctor Who Costume

A close up of a Deer Costume Make up done without airbrushing.
Male and Female Puritan Costumes

Death Dancer (Macabre Dancer) costume

And of course, what party is not complete without a star trek costume or Star Wars costume.

Finally, we have "Ruffio" from Hook (a Peter Pan movie).

And two female Satir Costumes.

Have a great Halloween!

Halloween Costume Ideas: Alice in Wonderland Costumes at the Rennaissance Faire

Alice in Wonderland is always a fun favorite when it comes to costuming.  This year at the local
Alice in Wonderland gets a kiss from the Giraffe

Renaissance Faire, I got a chance to see some fun "Mad Tea Party" themed costuming.
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Below is the Renfaire version of Alice in Wonderland, hoops and all.

Renfaire Alice in Wonderland
A more evil version of Alice in Wonderland (gaming version )  was also to be found.

Then there is the "Red Queen" who took on a more "Pirate" personality.

One cannot forget the "Cheshire Cat"......
Here is a close-up of his hat.
There was also a steampunk themed brown rabbit present.

I came across some pink flamingos too.

And not to be left out, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were present too.

And then there was this cool "Black Diamonds Costume".

And here are a few more photos from that day.
Pink Flamingo in her converted (baby crib) vehicle

Pink Flamingo in capitivity.

Three of Hearts Costume.

Halloween Costume Ideas: A Look At Some Steampunk Costumes and Accessories

Some steampunk Costumes from the Labyrinth ball
I come across a lot of different Steampunk costumes and Victorian Costumes at the
League of Steam members and friends
various conventions and shows that I work at.  So I thought I would share them with you.

Each steampunk costume is different and reflects the view of the person who created it.
Great skirt idea, this one is easy to walk in.
The Steampunk Accessories can vary too, like the belt in the photo below that is made by an artist who sells them at various balls, shows, and possibly on etsy.
Steampunk tool belt.
The gown below is a combination of four different pieces, a jacket, a corset, and two skirts.

Below are more pictures of various steampunk inspired costumes.

A close up of some of his accessories.

One young man sported a fun steampunk vehicle.

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