Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quick & Easy Owl Watch Pendant Tutorial Project

Attach this functional watch to a heavy chain to create a fun and easy to wear watch pendant just in time for Mother’s Day.

Materials needed:
Owl Watch
Heavy Chain
4 Jump Rings
1 Lobster clasp
Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1:
Since the Owl Watch is rather heavy, it needs to be connected with two jump rings to secure it to the chain.  Find the center of the chain, then use the needle nose pliers to connect two of the jump rings to the owl pendant and to the chain. 

Step 2:
Using the needle nose pliers and round nose, connect the lobster clasp to one end of the chain.  Then using a wire Cutter cut the flowers off the main stems.  Cut each stem at an angle but keep them as long as possible.

Step 3:

To finish the piece, attach a jump ring to the opposite end of the chain

 Total time to complete project: 5 minutes.  The project itself was less than $30 to make. However, you could probably make it for a lot less by using a different brand than I choose to use.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Peak at 2015 The Original Renaissance Pleasure Fair Time Traveler Weekend Event

"The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire" held their annual "Time Traveler" weekend event at

faire this last weekend, which is held at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale CA.

It was a fun opportunity to see a variety of costumes from different eras,

along with a multitude of creative fandom attire

that included some amazing Steampunk costumes.
I love the way guests accessorized their costumes.

There many different styles of steampunk costumes which included costumes for women, men and children.  Unfortunately, the kids were a little harder to photograph since I have to get a photo release for minors to post on my blog.  So I did not include any pictures of them this time.

Anyway, Steampunk Costume featured some fun and unique accessories
that varied from costume to costume.

I love the wooden wings on this costume.  The creator used wood, aluminum and copper (possibly brass) to make these.

Of course there was an excellent selection of Doctor Who Costumes.  These were only a few of the Doctor Fandom Characters we encountered that day.

There was also some fun mash ups between pirates and wenches with a bit of steampunk thrown it.

Since it was the Renaissance Faire, I found some unique and traditional fairy outfits around the shire.

Each weekend is going to have a different theme, so this is a great time to pull out your costumes and show them off at "The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire".  This coming weekend is:

Sunday, April 26:
The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire Announces the
Coronation of the King of Fools
Meet at the Celebration Pavilion at the top of the Food Court
12 Noon in costume to join or see the parade
to find & crown the new King of Fools.

 You can check their website to see what other upcoming events are.

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