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Makeup Blowout Sale Group Event Profusion Cosmetics Surprise Box Unboxing

Makeup Blowout Sale Group Surprise Box

If you are in California, you may want to check out the "Makeup Blowout Sale Group" event being held at various locations in California for some great makeup deals.

I stopped by to pick up some eyelashes for an upcoming cosplay event and was amazed at the great deals they had there. In addition to the great deals on makeup that they had there, they also offered a large selection of eyelashes.

I bought a variety because I am not sure which will look best with the different characters my daughter is creating for Comic Con and other upcoming events.  They looked pretty good and will work well for those events.  They were priced at $2 each pair and I consider that a great value.

Of course, one of the best deals there is their surprise box which sells for $30 and is filled with a variety of Profusion Cosmetics products and other fun items.  You should know that each box holds a different variety of items and no two boxes are the same.  My friend also bought a box and her items were different from mine.  I think mine was a particularly great value since I can use pretty much all of the products that were in my box.

Here is a look at what I got in my box:

1. The first item is a makeup backpack, which I will use to hold my event makeup kit.  This is a really nice item for them to have included in this box.  It has two outside pockets with one being a nice mesh pocket where I can easily see the contents.

The inside it has pockets on each side of the bag.  The first side has pockets for brushes, eyeliners, lipliners, etc.

The other side has a larger interior pocket to hold an iPad.  Then smaller pockets to hold incidentals and some business card size pockets.

2.  The second item is the Profusion Conceal Pallet - which has 8 concealing creams in the colors: Green, Salmon, Yellow, Lilac, Light Pink, Light Yellow, Medium Pink Tone and a Medium Yellow Tone. It also includes a concealer brush, a blending brush, and some sponges.

3. The next group of items is this cool collection of Profusion Cosmetics kits.  The plastic circular shimmering eye shadow kit has 6 colors of shimmer eye shadow powders.

That was followed by the Eyetunes Kit (below) which contains 2 eyeshadow quads that hold 12 colors each, 1 MP3 player bag, 1 blush brush, 1 eyebrow brush, 1 eyeshadow brush and an eyeliner pencil.
The Runway Glamour Kit Eyeshadow contains six eyeshadows along with instructions on how to create four different eye looks.

The eye shadow trio quad contains three colors which are great for creating a daytime look.

4.  The next item is a set of two Profusion Makeup brush sets.  These are drug store quality makeup brushes in a handy durable plastic pouch.  These went straight into the backpack to use at my next event.

5.  The next item is a set of two Profusion Lipstick with Lip Liner Kits.  These came in the color "Honey Gold" and included a bonus sharpener.

6. The next item in the Makeup Blowout Sale Group Event Profusion Surprise Box was a set of Profusion Eyeshadow quads with the cutest packaging.  One was a dark silver and the other was a rose gold.
They each had two blush colors and three contouring powders.  Each quad also had a different collection of eyeshadow colors in them.

7.   The next collection of items included a set of three Profusion Diamond Shine Lip Glosses.  It also included a Matte Eyeshadow Pallette that offers a collection of over 30 colors.
The Profusion Trendsetter Colorbook offers a collection of blushes, highlighters, some cute eyeshadow colors, and good selection lip colors.

8.  The next collection of items are two very different eyeshadow pallets.
The first was the Profusion Party Queen Pallet.  At first glance, I thought it was just a collection of 96 shiny eye shadow colors.
Once I started to play with them, I realized these were really shimmery and

worked beautifully with a moist brush.  The colors are sheer and buildable.  I really love the pinks and greens in this pallet.

 The next pallet in this collection is the Profusion Midnight Fever Pallet which has 10 pearl eyeshadows in it.  This is another great pallet.

The colors are beautiful in this one and again, you can build the intensity by using the brush dry or moist.   They also have a beautiful shimmer to them. I am particularly fond of the pinks and purples in this pallet since they blend so well together to create a variety of looks.

9.  The next item is a set of three bags of Profusion Non-Latex Cosmetic Wedges. I can never have too many of these on hand, so it was a major plus to find three bags of them in my box.

10.  The final set of items is a collection of three cosmetic bags.

I think I got an amazing value for the price of $30.  Again, not all boxes are going to be the same but if you like the Profusion line of cosmetics, then this is a fun way to build your own collection.

The dates of the "Makeup Blowout Sale Group" event vary but are usually held on a Friday through Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  They travel from town to town, so if you want to attend one then you should subscribe to their Facebook page because they constantly update their upcoming event list.  They accept cash and credit cards at this event.  The event I attended was being held  at:

The Double Tree Hotel
90 Pacifica 
Irvine, CA  9261803312

Once again, you can find more information on upcoming events and locations on the "Makeup Blowout Sale Group" Facebook page.

Disclaimer: I am not associated with the "Makeup Blowout Sale Group". I am not sponsored by them.  I just enjoyed my visit and found some great deals.  Also, I purchased everything with my own money.

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