Friday, July 28, 2017

DIY Refurbished Patio Furniture Make Over with Rust-oleum Gloss Protective Enamel

Summer is in full bloom out here in California and I tend to spend as much time as possible outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, however, my old set of patio furniture really needed a makeover.  I love spending time sitting down reading a book while the kids play in the pool, so having a nice table and chairs to do this is important to me.  So I partnered with Rust-oleum® to see if I could give my old patio set a new life by using their spray paint to make my patio furniture look new again.

Rust-oleum® was kind enough to send me some cans of their Rust-oleum® Gloss Protectant Enamel in the color Rich Jade (#312816).  This particular spray paint helps stop metals from Rusting and adds a bit of protection from the elements.  Plus you get amazing coverage with just one coat.  Here is what the patio set looked like before I started refurbishing it, it was a mixture of faded greens and gray.  Additionally, I think one of my kids used it to hold something while spray painting a school project because there were some odd streaks of spray paint all over the table top.

The chairs were also mismatched and weren't even the same color.

The process to prepare these pieces to be spray painted was pretty simple.  I started by sanding off any peeling paint or odd bits.  The I cleaned each chair and the table to remove excess dirt and dust.  Then I  let it dry.  Once the pieces were dry, I set out some cardboard and some plastic mats to spray paint each piece.  Then I gave each piece a light coat of the Rust-oleum® Gloss Protectant Enamel.  You can see just how good the coverage is with just one coat in the photo below.

The color is really bright and fun.  I also noticed that it seem to bring out some of the cute details on the furniture that were lost with the old color.

I let the pieces dry for about 24 hours between coats because I really wanted to see what the coverage was like.  I found that two coats were fine for the table and chairs.   I know they are going to be used a lot so I wanted to make sure I had really good coverage.

It only took 2 1/2 cans to paint the entire set and that includes the bottoms of the table, undersides of the chairs, etc.  These pieces are really well covered and the finish should last for quite a while.
I love how they came out. This particular green really makes the pieces stand out against the brick.

I am so happy with the Rust-oleum® Gloss Protectant Enamel product in the Rich Jade color and how great it made my furniture look.  

I liked it so well that I purchased two cans of their white and repainted my metal screen door which now looks fabulous.  Metal screen doors tend to rust easily in my area so using this enamel should help protect it during the winter weather.  I had some rust in the corners that would get worse over time if I did not fix them right away.  So I cleaned up the doors and spray painted them with the Rust-oleum® Gloss Protectant Enamel in white.  The trick is to not spray them on a windy day.  I noticed right after I had cleaned them (before painting them) that they were dusty again.  I realized that the strong breeze we were having was leaving dust and other particles with them.  I also took the precaution to cover the brick and some plants in case of over spray (even though I was using a large box that I made to spray them in).  I waited until the next morning to spray the metal screen doors and they came out great.  I did buy one can of paint per door and used both cans up, but that is because I wanted to make sure they were well coated.  

Disclaimer:  Rust-oleum provided me with several cans of the rich jade paint to use for my makeover project.  However, I was not paid to use their product nor for my review of how well it worked for me.  Also, remember to carefully read the manufacturers directions and suggestions.  They can be very helpful in learning to use the product safely.

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