Sunday, May 7, 2017

JoAnn's Blue Moon Bead Grab Bag Contents

I really enjoy visiting the Joann's store in Irvine (California) and searching for their cool deals like the above Bead Grab Bag.  Each bag has 12 items in it that can be used for beading, bracelet making and pendant making.  The bags retail at $10 but Joann's often has sales on jewelry making supplies and those discounts often apply to their grab bags.  I purchased two of the Blue Moon Bead Grab Bags and they were on sale for around $7 each.  Since the packaging is clear, I was able to sort through all the bags and pick two that I felt would be the most applicable to the projects I was planing.

The first grab bag was mostly filled with items for making necklaces and bracelets.  In the photo above, you can see the cool selection of chains and Polyester Cording that this particular bag held. I like using the pollster cording for hanging focal pendants.  The colors are so pretty but the material is strong enough to hold a heavy pendant. I got sets in this bag which is fabulous.

The bag also had a great assortment of chains which I will use to make necklaces and for hanging planner charms off my various planners.  This bag had two packages of the dark metallic chain, 1 silver chain and 1 gold chain.    The silver chain is actually a bracelet and I am giving that one to my daughter who wanted for a project she is planning on making.

The gold chain is also a bracelet and will work well for hanging some new planner charms on my planner.  Below you can see how I cut apart a silver chain to make a long hanging chain for the beads and charms for my Prima Planner.

Additionally, this same package had these three necklace kits that included

the snap closures so I could cut them to whatever size I want them to be. Plus, I can use the extra closures for other projects.

The last item in this bag is this 6.5 inch bracelet extender/connector.  I am not sure what I will make with this but the chain is pretty strong which makes it versatile for a number of potential projects.

The second grab bag was full of pendants.  Again each bag comes with 12 items in them which if you look at this selection is an amazing deal.

When you see these spread out you can really appreciate the fun shapes and colors that I got in this bag.

I chose the second grab bag for this beautiful hummingbird nest pendant that the grab bag had in it.

The next two pendants were from their Amulet collection. These are pretty fun. I especially liked the owl pendant.
The packaging also described the meaning behind the pendants.

Here are some of the other pendants that were in the grab bag.

And these particular focal bead is great for using with the polyester cording I got in the other bag.

The selection of craft supplies at this particular Joann's is excellent.  Additionally, the Irvine Joann's store is well organized and they have a knowledgeable and helpful staff there.  I have one closer to my home but it is not as big and therefore has a significantly smaller selection of product to choose from.  Although if you want a really great selection of products to choose from just check out their website.  I think if you sign up for their mailing list, you get coupons that can be used at the store and online each week.  Which can be helpful if you are trying to purchase some of their higher priced items.

If your Joann store is sold out of these grab bags then keep an eye on Tuesday Morning stores. I have seen them show up on their shelves too.

Note: I do not sell beads or anything else.  Additionally, I do not work for the Joann stores nor for Blue Moon Beads.  I paid for these grab bags myself.  Thanks for stopping by.

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