Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Technique Tutorial - How to do Wire Forming With Beadalon's German Style Wire to Create Funky Jewelry

At a trade show, I got to watch one of the demonstrators for Beadalon show how to do some simple wire forming using Beadalon’s 18 gauge silver plated pattern German style wire.

The demonstrator kindly gave me permission to shoot these pictures for my readers so they can see how easy it is to use this wire to do some simple wire forming to create some fun jewelry.  

Supplies Needed
Beadalon’s 18 gauge silver plated pattern German style wire
Round Nose Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters

Step 1: Cut the wire (length depends on your project)
Step 2: Using the flat nose pliers, gently straighten out the cut piece of wire.
Step 3:  Use the flat nose pliers you will begin to bend the wire. 

Step 4: The first bend is a right angle bend.

Step 5: Using the flat nose pliers create another bend that is 1/4" from the first bend.

You can see the bend in the picture below.

Step 6:  Make another bend as demonstrated below. Note the direction of the wire.

Step 7: Using the flat nose pliers to hold the wire and allow you to make the next bend with out losing the square shape that is important to this design.

Step 8: Make the next bend in the wire.  

Step 9:  Keep repeating the pattern until you reach the desired 

length (depending on what type of project you are making).

To finish the project, use the round nose pliers to make a loop on each end of the wire.  If you are making a bracelet, you may need to gently bend the wire to fit the curve of your wrist.  

As you can see in the examples below, the designer combined beads, and the fun Artistic Wire mesh to create a great bracelet.

For more projects or ideas, just check out the Beadalon or Artistic Wire websites for tutorials from your favorite Beadalon Designers.  I also found a great tutorial by Lilian Chen for a pair of cool looking earrings using the Beadalon German wire and some Swarovski Elements crystals at her blog.


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