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Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect Books - Travelers Notebook Review

Jane Davenport and American Crafts partnered to create this beautiful collection of Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect Books (which are similar to travelers notebooks) in there different canvas style prints and one plain cover book.  If you have spent any time on my blog, then you know I love travelers notebooks because they are so versatile when I am on the move. 

I can insert a calendar and have my schedule available at a glance.  I usually have one with me that has watercolor inserts because I never know when I might be inspired to doodle or paint.  I like the fact that Jane Davenport offers such a delightful collection of covers in a man made material.  These books make great gifts for my vegan friends who are not fond of the leather ones that I have in my own collection.        

Anyway, the Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect travelers style notebook can hold a Midori Insert and most other standard inserts. However, Michael's does carry a varied assortment of these type of inserts to meet a variety of needs.  Jane Davenport and American Crafts also offer some inserts for these travelers notebooks.  
They are the JDMM Marker Paper Inserts which are a smooth paper and perfect for using with markers.  They also have the JDMM Watercolor Paper Inserts which are very nice for watercolors and markers.  What I like about these insert papers is that they are not bound.  You just slip them through the elastic to hold them and then you can easily remove them later.   

Book Details:

Each book measures approximately 8 3/4" x 10"   opened flat.  Folded it measures 8.3/4" 

by 5" folded 

(I used a metal measuring tape so it might be a little different from a standard measuring stick). Each book has a plain fabric interior with no pockets.  If you are using it as an art journal it will get dirty.  

Each Book comes with one 12" elastic that is woven into the book to hold 2 or more inserts. The line also has available additional sets of elastic available for purchase.

By using some elastic to connect two books together and just utilize the elastic already in the book, I was able to stuff a lot into the book 
and still have it close well.

Elastic with Charm Set Details:
The Jane Davenport Butterfly Effects Notebook (or Travelers Notebook) line offers two different charm and elastic sets.  Each set comes with one charm and three colors of elastic.  The set above comes with the girl charm and a red, green and blue elastic.  The other set is a female genie charm that comes with a pink, purple and turquoise elastic.

Pocket Pages Details:

The Jane Davenport Butterfly Effects books do not have any inner or outer pockets.  However, Jane Davenport does offer a JD MM Butterfly Effect Book Pocket Kit which offers four different plastic pockets.  The plastic pocket folders are 8"x 8" opened flat and fold to 4" x 8".

The colors of the pocket folders are yellow, pink, blue, purple. Each folder has a different print that works well with the color of the plastic pocket folder.  

These folders are perfect for holding the refill insert pages, since the pockets are located on the outside of the plastic folder instead of the interior.  You can also slide the plastic stencil into these folders and then add the refill paper inserts.  They are sized big enough to hold some paint brushes or pens.  I found them perfectly sized to hold the Jane Davenport stickers sets that I purchased at Michael's.  

Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect Book Stencil and Washi Holder:
Additionally, the Jane Davenport Mixed Media Line of products for the Jane Davenport Butterfly Effects book also has some really cool stencils and Washi Paper holders.

These are created to work well in both the Jane Davenport Butterfly Effect Books and her new line of Art Journals.

If you want to read my review of the Jane Davenport watercolors, Gel Mediums, Jane Davenport Acrylic Paint Sets, or the Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers, just click on the name or use the search engine provided on this page.

NOTE: I do not work for Michael's, American Crafts or Jane Davenport.  I purchased all the above items with my own money at Michael's.  I am not affiliated with any of the above companies, either.
My opinions are my own, and may vary from others who use and review the same products.

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