Saturday, April 29, 2017

Boxy Charm Monthly Box - April 2017 Unboxing

Boxy Charm provides me with a monthly selection of full size beauty products from a variety of companies that provide me with a really good value for my monthly investment of $21.  Monthly Beauty boxes are really popular right and most of them come with various sized products samples. If you do a google search you can find one to fit almost every budget and type of product line.  I have purchased Korean Beauty Products boxes, Ipsy, Birchbox, Sephora Play and others. While I really enjoy the product selection in my Sephora Play monthly subscription box, I find that my current favorite is Boxy Charm.  I have been subscribed to it for a year and have yet to be disappointed in a box. Granted there have been months where I received products that were not quite right for me, my daughters have loved getting the items that did not suit me.

Each month, Boxy Charm sends me 5 to 6 full size items to try.  One of the reasons that I enjoy the Boxy Charm monthly subscription box is that they provide a range of products that vary so much from month to month.  They can vary from eyeshadow to lipsticks to hair shampoo.  I have also received several boxes that have included some interesting pallets from a variety of companies. Each box also includes a card that gives a brief description of each product, the retail value of the product and links to the manufacturers website.  This makes it so easy to look up a particular product when I want to repurchase it.

The first item in the April 2017 Boxy Charm Monthly Subscription box is a concealer palette from Measurable Difference.  The Measurable Difference Concealer palette retails at $19.99 and has 16 different shades of concealer in it. This is great for my daughter who is taking a makeup class and needed a palette that could be used for a variety of skin shades.

The texture of the concealer is creamy and easy to apply.

I also liked that they concealer palette did not have any weird scents (I have purchased some in the past that have a heavy perfume scene that made it hard to use a palette).

The second item that came in the Boxy Charm Monthly Subscription box is a 3 piece set of contour blending sponges by PUR.  The retail value of this set is $36.00.  I have several items from the PUR line of products so I am familiar with the quality of their products. Plus,  I can never have too many blending sponges so this set alone is worth the price of the box.

The third item in the Boxy Charm April 2017 Monthly Subscription Box is the Rodeo Drive Highlighter by OFRA Cosmetics.  The Rodeo Drive Highlighter is beautiful.  It is a really light powder that goes on smoothly.  I swatch it on my arm and  you can barely see it in the shade.  The highlighting effect is there but it is very subtle.  And as you can see it is also very pigments, since it covers the green vein you can see on my arm.

The Ofra Cosmetics highlighter can also be layered for more of an effect. However, if you are going to be photographed using a flash, then use only a light dusting of this product.  When I put my arm in the full sun, I could really see how well the highlight worked.

I was really impressed with how shimmery the product is and how easy it glided onto my skin.

The fourth item in my box was a lip gloss by Cargo Cosmetics in the color Umbria.  It retails for $16 on their website.   This lipgloss is supposed to have a high shine that delivers an intense long lasting color.  It is also not supposed to be sticky.  Unfortunately, I do not look good in browns so I chose to not open it.  While the color did not work for me, I easily found someone who was very excited to have the product and it looked great on her.

The fifth product in my box was from Hairgurt By Project Beauty. This is a yogurt shampoo that is supposed to be smoothing and moisturizing for the hair.  The Hairgurt Yogurt Shampoo retails for $10.  I was really impressed with the ingredients of this shampoo.  It has botanical oils, Keratin, nuts, and yogurt.  The product is sulfate, and paraben free.  The scent I got was Banana.  It smells so good. Additionally, I was impressed that the shampoo actually had a metal seal.  This keeps the product fresh.  I liked how well it cleaned my hair.  The same brand also has hair masks on their site that look pretty interesting.

I think I get a lot of value in my boxes.  The selection this month was really good.  Even though I did not like the color of the lip gloss, I still feel that the other items in the box were great.  I also get the Sephora Play box. If you would like to read my review of what came in the April box, just click on this link.

Note: I paid for this box and I am not affiliated with Boxy Charm, however I do have a link that earns me points.  So far I have not earned enough to cash it in for anything but I will let you know if I do and how that process went.

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