Thursday, July 5, 2012

A review of the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire Art Show

The Renaissance Faire has it's own special selection of artwork on display and available for purchase.

On the last weekend of the faire, the local Renaissance Faire showcased the drawings, paintings,  and 

water color work of various artisians and displayed them in the "Friends of Faire" garden.

The various artwork was painted and finished through the run of faire 

and featured various members of the entertainment crew.  Like the one below which 
features one of the members of the royal court.

The selection was very interesting and they had a very kind host who was there to answer questions about the various pieces on display.
Another very cool display was at the opposite end of the faire grounds of a painting in progress.
Here is a close up from part of the same painting.
And a close up of the part that features the queen.

The attention to detail is amazing on this piece, as you can see by looking at the picture below of the queens gown. 
I will write more about some of the various artists at the faire in another post.

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