Friday, June 8, 2012

A Review of the Renaissance Faire 16th Century Food & Cooking Demonstrations

I went to the local Renaissance Faire and found that they had some fun and informative 16th century

dishes and cooking demonstrations.

 The Renaissance Faire Food & Cooking demonstrations were very interesting to see.  Like the butter sculpting demonstration below.
They also had great displays of Renaissance Faire cooking utensils and Renaissance Faire Period cookware.

This particular faire is centered on Queen Elizabeth I during her "Royal Progress" period

where she visited various palaces and royal stately homes throughout England.

At this faire they have various guilds where you can see different interesting demonstrations.

The St. Ives Guild whose members demonstrated 16th Century crafting and

cooking skills throughout the day.

Since the people of that time period did not waste food, pickling was a great way to make vegetables last.

They had a cool demonstration on pickling assorted vegetables which was very interesting to hear.

They also had a bread making demonstration where they baked bread

 in cast iron pots like the one below. If you look carefully, you can see that they have burning bits

 of wood and other material sitting on the lid of the cast iron pot.  This is to evenly distribute the heat and keep the pot hot while the bread bakes.

The brick oven is built on the ground and can hold various sized

 cooking pots. The one below is being used to make soup.

They used simple tools,

ingredients (like fruits and vegetables), and

occasionally they would have access to spices.


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