Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Easy Craft Ideas Revisted.

This week, I decided to share some informational videos to watch crafting videos made by Craftside for fun quick and easy craft project ideas.

In the following "Look Learn & Create video", learn how to make felted flowers with Craftside blogger/author/craftster Stefanie Girard, author of "Sweater Surgery", from some 
recycled sweaters.  The recycled sweater felted flowers can be used for jewelry, pins and other great accents.

Another great video from Craftside, is a video featuring Lisa Engelbrecht, (author of "Modern Calligraphy" and "Modern Mark Making")

demonstrating some fun and easy calligraphy techniques.  Her lettering can vary from the more modern art letters to traditional calligraphy letters.  She also shows how to use traditional and non traditional inks and paints to use for art lettering.

In this particular episode Lisa Engelbrecht shows how to use the Martha Stewart Glue pens to create fun art letters with foils and glitter.

and in the video below,  that I took of her at my local art supply store, she demonstrates using various inks to create fun art letters and make cool designs.  Her ink work is fabulous and fun to watch.

Have fun week creating.


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