Thursday, May 24, 2012

Renaissance Faire Costumes - Royal Court Costumes

A look at the vast variety of royal court Renaissance Faire costumes that I have come across at the local

Renaissance Faire (although the traditional American Spelling is "Renaissance Fair Costumes", the fair itself uses the more untraditional spelling of adding the "e" to faire).  These Renaissance costumes are very detailed and quite beautiful to see in person.  In the photo below you can see the detailed black work that is done on her shirt.
Each character makes his or her own costumes.  Many of them make their accessories as well.

I will start by showing some of the detail work on the "Queen Elizabeth 1" Renaissance Faire costume which is quite intricate starting from the top of her head.  The actress has her hair braided and then her

hat is placed upon her head and held in place with decorative hat pins.
Her costume is heavily decorated with hand sewn beads, pearls, and semi precious gems.

Note the stitching and beading detail in the top part of the sleeve.
And the stitching on the sleeve itself which is a combination of blackwork and celtic designs.

Here is a full view of her costume.  The costume itself is very ornate and heavily beaded which makes it heavy for the actress to wear during her various performances throughout the Renaissance Faire.

Below is a different view of the same dress with a change in the head wear.
It is my understanding that this costume is well made in order to survive the daily abuse of the actress wearing it during her performances each day of the show.  This is one of her more ornate Renaissance Faire dresses.

Kudos to "Hanna Longdo" who is the talented actress that portrayed the character "Queen Elizabeth 1" for the Southern California Renaissance Faire's 50th Anniversary Season.

There was a very interesting selection of Renaissance Faire clothing at the faire this year too which I will post about later.

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  1. The Queen's costume was made by the amazing Perry Ash (The gentleman in the Salmon colored suit). Her headwear was crafted by Michelle Fenema