Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Costumes: A Look At Some Creative & Fun Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and many of us are already planning our Halloween party wardrobes.  So I thought I would upload some pics of some of the costumes from the various Cosplay costumes, fantasy costumes, and Renaissance Faire costumes that I have encountered during my own visits to various trade shows and costumed events to inspire and amuse.
Lego People
With Cosplay being so popular, you can find some great tutorials for both the Cosplay costume and makeup on YouTube. Here is a good tutorial for a quick and easy female Pikachu Cosplay girl costume from "Jojogirl34's" YouTube channel.  FYI, the picture is sideways but the video in in the correct format.

An interesting version of a Pikachu girl costume.
pikachu girl
By the way I found a great video on YouTube for creating "Ryuk" Cosplay makeup and costume. It is well made and has a great breakdown of the steps for applying the makeup and making an inexpensive costume.  It used to be on QueenBeauty's YouTube page (before she closed the account) and was apparently uploaded onto the Cozplaii YouTube account recently.

And for a little Asian Costume inspiration.

Fairy costumes seem to always be a popular choice.
Blue Fairy Costume

Dark Fairy Costume
Green Fairy Costume
Earth Fairy Costume
I liked her idea for fairy wings.
Fairy Wings for Costumes
Flame Fairy costume
Red Fairy Costume
Male Fairy Costume
Sleeping Fairies
Charisma Star Tv on YouTube uploaded a great video on doing fairy makeup, it is really easy to follow and she a very talented makeup artist.

Pirate costumes are popular choices because you can be as creative as you like with them.

Werewolf's also seem to be gaining in popularity.
Male Werewolf
And a female Robin Hood is always fun.

I came across some cool dragon costumes.

Then there are the Trolls of the world.
Princess Fiona

Here are some unique and humorous costumes.

The Viking hat is hand crocheted.

Then there is the spandex crew.
And for the Steampunk fans.

The Painted Ladies are characters from the Ren Faire who wear heavy makeup and bright colors. 

There are so many great ideas out there.  I recommend doing a google image search for more ideas.  As for makeup tutorials, you can find some fabulous ones on YouTube.

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