Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Moments from the Artist Trading Card Event (ATC) and Book Signings at the Barnes & Noble in Belmont Shore.

I am always on the look out for new craft shows and/or workshops to check out.  I thought I would share with you one of the many events that I have attended.  Below is a sample ATC that one of the attendees to the ATC Event in one of the Barnes & Noble stores California.

I love Barnes & Noble and feel very luck to have one locally that caters to its clientele.
Cool view from the store window.
Most book stores have a few shelves of books dedicated to crafting, which is great but there are hundreds of craft books out there that are not able to be represented in such limited retail space.  

The Barnes & Noble in Belmont Shores, California

has the biggest selection of craft books that I have ever seen at a retail location.  This Barnes & Noble holds various types of events throughout the year, including book signings, ATC card trading, 

and many other types of specialty themed events.  There is something for everyone at this particular location.  Plus, the employees are super nice and always willing to answer questions and help me find a book. This particular event featured a book signing and demonstration by calligraphy artist, Lisa Engelbrecht (author of "Modern Mark Making").

She demonstrated some of her beautiful lettering techniques for fans of all ages.
Below is a video I took of one of her demonstrations at the "Unique LA Show".

If you ever have a chance to attend one of her workshops, you will appreciate what a fabulous teacher she truly is.  She usually lists her upcoming workshops on her blog.

Stefanie Girard, author of "Sweater Surgery" was also at this event.  You can read more about Stef's adventures on her blogs (the card album and sweatersurgery), on her facebook page or one of the blogs she writes for ( craftside and recycled crafts),  She always has some cool craft project or review on her blogs (and those she writes for).

Lisa Engelbrecht and Stefanie Girard
Afterwards there was a very cool ATC card workshop event
with "how to" demonstrations 

and "make-it & take-it" opportunties.

Not only did they have an ATC workshop but various artists 
"Y" by Stefanie Girard
brought their portfolios for our viewing 


Additionally, there was an ATC card exchanged event.  
It was fun to collect cards from folks 

with so many different ATC decorating approaches.

I love the fact that some of the ATC designers utilized recycled materials to make their ATC cards.  Some of the cards they made were so cool!  I spent hours looking at everyone's books and cards.

I recommend checking with your local Barnes & Noble stores to find out what types of events they may offer during various times of the year.  They are another resource for fun things to do.  Additionally, other stores offer interesting art related events.  Macy's at South Coast Plaza offered a fun marker event

where they had various artists personalize purchases.  So you never know where you might find a fun craft or art related event.

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