Friday, August 12, 2011

Kids Craft Ideas

Kids Gourd Craft Project by Diane Calderwood
Summer time is always a great time for kids to learn a new kid orientated craft.  My kids love learning new techniques and skills, so I searched for something new and fun for them to do.  I found a kids gourd class at the Piecemakers store in Costa Mesa, CA that offers some affordable and fun kids craft classes.  These are not your typical craft classes that have them use kids tool.  The teachers use real art supplies and the children learn how to use them to create some amazing finished pieces. 

One of my favorite teachers is Diane Calderwood.  She is not only amazingly patient with the kids but incredibly 

talented.  Diane is known for her "Genuine Cowboy Rope" baskets and

her finished gourds that she sells at art shows, boutiques, and XXXXXX
Diane also teaches various gourd classes to adults and tweens (ages 10 and up) in the Orange County and San Diego County area.
Student samples from one of her classes.

Isn't it cute!

For her kid's workshops, Diane uses real gourds, gourd tools, art materials, and teaches the kids the importance of safety.  

Each tool is described and the children are taught to respect the tools.  She pre-cuts the gourds for them, 

but the kids do all the prep work and decorating on these gourds. 
They learn to mix the special gourd paints and use the appropriate brushes. 

In this class they learned important color theories and how to plan out your project.
Each child ended up with a cute project that they were very proud of like this basket.

Not to mention the opportunity to make new friends and share in the creative fun of making something.
Diane also teaches adult gourd decorating classes.  

Below are class samples and photos from some of the different classes that she teaches for adults.

Her classes are a lot of fun.  Below are our drum gourds drying in the sun.
Once they were decorated, they come out similar to this one.
The sound was fabulous.  Below is a sample of one of her ornament class gourds.
And by special request from students, a santa class.

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