Monday, August 22, 2011

Burbank Car Show

Growing up as a kid with access to an amazing collection of hot wheels, you learn to appreciate the beauty of classic cars.  It is always fun to get to see in person, the real versions of some of my favorite hot wheel toys.  

Last Saturday was the "Burbank Car Show" on Magnolia Blvd in downtown Burbank, California.

This is a much smaller show than the Glendale Car Show

but just as much fun.  Well, it is if you are into cars.

Personally, I love classic cars and can not seem to get enough of these shows.
 Every car owner has their own story

about how they got the car and refurbished it to its current condition.

I found it to be quite interesting to listen to what enthusiast have to say about the different vehicles.

The local stores had interesting window displays to tempt attendees to pay a visit.
This store had live models in their windows featuring some of their cool vintage clothing,
accessories, and more.

The car show also featured some craft booths, local volunteer organizations, live entertainment and a great selection of outdoor food vendors.  It ended too quickly.  However, watching all the classic, vintage, and muscle cars drive by as they departed was quite the experience.

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