Sunday, March 12, 2017

Review of the Jane Davenport Gel Medium & Gesso Made by American Crafts

The Jane Davenport Matte Medium and Gesso (Gess-oh) are versatile and very easy to use on my multi media projects.  I love how easy they are to use.  In case you did not know, Jane Davenport released a line of Mixed Media Supplies with American Crafts in January.  Below is a video by Jane Davenport that goes over the new product line.  She several other videos available on her YouTube Channel and the website.

The Jane Davenport Multi Media product line will be sold both through the Michaels Crafts store and through the Jane Davenport website.  There was a lot of thought put into this line of products.  Between the packaging, the selection and the quality of products I am truly impressed.  The back of the box has two great examples of a page done with each one of them and how using the various mediums can change the look of an art journal page.

I also like that the two mediums have different twist caps.  The Matte Medium has a translucent cap and the Gesso has a white cap.  This makes it easy to know which cap belongs where when I am creating with them.

I tried out both of the products and loved them.  The gesso is not overly thick so it is really easy to use. I was worried that my pages would curl from using the gesso but there was not issue with that. I put a little of the gesso on parts of the page below. You can tell which parts by how smooth the ink is on those areas. This is painted on some heavy watercolor paper so there is a lot of texture in the paper.  I just love how it provided a smooth surface for me to test out my inks on.

The next picture is using both the Matte Medium and the gesso.  I used one of the Jane Davenport Butterly Effect Book Stencils with the Gesso (which I mixed with some of the Jane Davenport acrylic paints) to get a layered effect.  Once again, both products worked beautifully for me.  

I really love this product line and am enjoying using them in my art journals.  There are a few items that I still haven't purchased and will review those once Michaels gets them back in stock.  I have listed some of my previous reviews on her product line below.

Click here to see my review of the Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers.

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NOTE: I do not work for Michaels, American Crafts or Jane Davenport.  I purchased all the above items with my own money at Michaels.  I am not affiliated with any of the above companies, either.
My opinions are my own, and may vary from others who use and review the same products. Also the colors of the paints will vary in accordance to the equipment the viewer is using.  I personally love the product line and hope they add more colors to both the acrylic paint line and watercolors.

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