Monday, February 27, 2017

DIY Memory Wire Bracelet Tutorial

Create your own stylish bracelets using Swarovski crystals, beads, and memory wire with this easy DIY memory wire bracelet tutorial.

Beadalon Memory Wire
Assorted Swarovski Crystals
Assorted Beads
Jump Rings
Assorted Charms (optional)

Round Nose Pliers
Long Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters

Step 1:
Using the wire cutters, cut the memory wire to the length desired.

Step 2:
Use the round nose pliers to form a loop on one end of the wire.  You can do this by making a 90 degree bend on one end of the wire, leaving enough wire to create the loop.  Use the round nose pliers to bend the end wire into a loop.

Step 3:
Slide on the Swarovski Crystals and beads onto the other end of the memory wire.  As you load them, try to create various patterns by changing the way you load the beads and crystals on each loop of the memory wire.

Step 4:
Use the round nose pliers to form a loop on the other end of the wire.

Step 5:
To finish, use both pliers to carefully open a jump ring by twisting each side opposite directions.  Use the jump ring to add a charm to one of the end loops and close the rings by twisting the sides back together carefully.

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