Monday, February 13, 2017

DIY Valentine Paperclip Tutorial

Valentines Day Paperclip Project – this is a quick and easy project that requires very little supplies. With all the sales at Michaels, Target and JoAnns, these DIY paper clip Valentines are a really inexpensive way to give someone Valentine themed gift or just to add to a card.   This easy to do Valentines Day Craft Project was quite affordable to do.  I spent around $2.00 total on supplies and was able to make 20 paper clips.

Foam Sticker ¼” to 1/3” in thickness
1 piece of Felt material
Assorted Sizes of Paperclips

White Glue that dries clear

Step 1:
Remove the foam stickers from their packaging.  Sort by the heart shapes by thickness.

Step 2: 
Take the stickers and place on a piece of felt material and trace the shape. Cut out shapes. These will be used as a backing for the Valentine Paper clips.

Step 3:
Take the ¼” thick foam stickers and place a sticker face down with the sticky side up.  Remove the part of the backing paper from the sticker and carefully place the paperclip onto the sticker.  Then squeeze a little E6000, around the paper clip and allow to dry.  

Then remove the rest of the sticker paper and adhere the felt to the foam heart sticker.  If the felt does not adhere well, just add a small amount of white glue. 

Step 4:
Using the blade*, take the 1/3” thick foam heart stickers and make a cut across the bottom like the one in the picture.  Please use care so that you don’t cut yourself during this process. 

Step 5:
Take the E6000 glue and put a little in the cut and add the paper clip.  Hold it tight so that it will adhere well. After a few minutes you can put it down and allow to the glue to finish drying.

Step 6:
 To finish, take off the paper backing and adhere the felt to the back of the heart. Put a little drop around the edges of the felt heart to tame down the bits of excess felt. Once it is dry it is easier to trim away.

Now you have a cute way to show off your valentine spirit with this easy project.  My kids are adding them to valentine cards, and small gifts.  I am using mine for a planner swap that is Valentine themed.

What types of Valentines Project have you been working on? I would to hear your project ideas.

NOTE:  *Always use care and follow the manufacturers instructions when using any type of blade.  Additionally, be cautious around children and put the blade away somewhere safe, so the blades don’t inadvertently injure them.


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