Monday, December 14, 2015

Cricut Mystery Box - December 2015 Edition Unboxing & Review

The Cricut Mystery box is released once a month and those lucky enough to purchase one get some great deals.  I was lucky enough this month to purchase a December 2015 box before they ran out.  This box does not disappoint.  For those who are not familiar with the Cricut Mystery Box they are sold by the Cricut company and the contents are always a mystery.  Each box usually contains a cartridge or two and some other fun things.  Contents can vary slightly  from person to person.  If they run out of an item they may decide to put in a different item instead.  So it is fun to compare with friends who also order the mystery box to see if they received the same or similar items.

This month I got three premium cartridges to use in my Cricut machine:

  • the Cricut Valentines Day Cartridge
  • the Home for the Holidays (Spring and Summer) Cartridge
  • and the Fancy Boxes Cartridge.
Spring & Summer Holidays Cartridge
Fancy Boxes Cartridge
Valentines Cartridge

I don't own any of these and thus was super excited to get them in my box.  Additionally the box had the following items in it:

Dry Erase Vinyl (White) (12"x12") - 4 pcs
Vinyl Home (Multi Colors)(12"x12") - 6 pcs
Vinyl Bright (Multi Colors)  (12"x12")-  6 pcs
Chalkboard Vinyl (Black) (12"x12")- 4 pcs
Gold Vinyl (12"x12") - 4 pcs
Stencil Vinyl (12"x12") - 4 pcs
Printable Vinyl - 8 1/2" x 11" - 10 pcs
Clear Transfer Tape (12"x12") - 20 pcs

All the vinyl came with instructions and as you can see this was an amazing deal for my investment of:

Mystery Box      $49.99
Tax                         4.37
Shipping                 5.98
Total Cost           $60.34

I have priced vinyl at my local craft store and this was a really good deal.  I have been wanting to do some projects using the vinyl, so this is really going to come in handy.  I like the quality of the vinyl I that I got from Cricut. As for the cost of the box, well I found that the cost could have been less if I had a coupon. I have been told they sometimes have coupons for free or at least discounted shipping. Unfortunately, I did not have a coupon to use.  However, that really did not bother me since this was such a good value for me.

The cost of the Cricut "Mystery Box" changes each month, as do the contents.  The box is usually sold some time in the middle of the month, so you need to get on their email list and actually read the emails to know when the next box is released.  Additionally, the Cricut website has sales and special savings that they offer through out the year.

Note; this is not a sponsored post. I purchased everything.

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