Friday, December 11, 2015

Book Review | Washi Tape Greetings Kit Courtney Cerruti

The Washi Tape Greetings Kit is a inclusive kit that provides the user a great way to start crafting with Washi Tape.

This is a video of what is in included in this cool "Washi Tape Greetings" kit. If you are fan of Courtney Cerruti's Washi Tape 101 Book, then you will enjoy this kit. I found this kit to a cute collection of tape and cards that allows the user to design their own washi cards using the supplies included in this kit. I think the kit is a wonderful way to introduce others to the fun that is Washi Tape.

Supplies included in this kit are:
2 rolls of patterned washi tape
12 White Postcards
2 Fine-line Permanent Markers in Black and Pink
and a cute 16 Page Full-Color Instruction Book.

Personally, I love crafting with Washi Tape and consider this a great kit for the price. I also recommend her other kits, which is the "Washi Tape Party" kit. I should warn you that you may become obsessed with washi tape and end up with a huge collection (luckily they don't take up my space).

I joined a Facebook Planner Group and one of the members sent me these really cool Washi Tape samples that I will also incorporate into some fun projects.

I think I will combine them with these great animal page flags and make some fun gift tags.

Courtney also has some other fun Washi Kits, and her newest is the "Washi Tape Gift"  Kit.

What types of products do you make with your Washi Tape? What are some of your favorite projects or tape lines?  Leave a comment below and let me know.

Note: this is not a sponsered post, I purchased everything and really enjoyed the items.  The best price for these kits is on Amazon.

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