Wednesday, January 21, 2015

CHA Show | Yarnia (Chronicles of Narnia) Knitted Character Exhibit by Sprinrite (Pattons)

If you look closely you can see Vickie Howell by the tree.

If you loved the "Chronicles of Narnia" stories then you would have loved this years Sprinrite 2015 CHA Show booth theme which was "Yarnia".  Sprinrite are the makers of Patton's yarns, Bernat yarns, Carons yarns, Sugar & Cream yarns and other great yarn lines. They really outdid themselves at their 2015 CHA Show Booth this year.  They had so many elements of the story represented, from the wardrobe to the animals.  The clothing, the tent, the characters costume pieces, and all the animals were knitted or crochet using various yarns from Sprinrite.

Fans of history and the books, know that children (Susan, Peter, Edmund and Lucy) were evacuated from London during World War II and sent out to the country for safety. The costumes and even the luggage from this display were completely knitted. Here is a close up of the 1940s Knitted Little Girl Outfit and knitted luggage.

The attention to detail on this display is amazing. The knitted school girl outfit shows a lot of thought as to the colors that would have been used at the time.

The 1940s knitted women's costumes were also amazing. I am a huge fan of the clothing from that time period and just loved this display.

Even the famous wardrobe was covered in knitted layered pieces.  Additionally, the even the animals in this exhibit were knitted or crochet using their yarns. This includes the wolf,

del pinto

the fox,
del pinto

and the badgers.  They used a variety of their yarns to create these animals and were incredible to see in person.
del pinto
Knitted Beavers

The knitted War Queen outfit has all types of cool details.

war queen
War Queen

The White Queen Costume skirt is knitted in a chunky yarn which gives it such great texture.

Mr Tumnus
The display took them around 10 months to create and it was well worth it.  I just loved all the detail and seeing the yarns used in such a creative way, really opened my eyes as to how I can incorporate their yarns in my costume making endeavors.

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