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Fabric Printing at Home: Quick & Easy Fabric Design Using Fresh Produce and Found Objects by Julie Booth | Book Review

fabric printing at home, julie booth

Fabric Printing at Home: Quick and Easy Fabric Design Using Fresh Produce and Found Objects - Includes Print Blocks, Textures, Stencils, Resists, and More is a great resource for fabric printing, fabric painting and fabric stamping ideas.

I attended a clothing swap where they had a bunch of different art stations that members could use to upcycle their new finds.  Seeing the amazing things that members made really changed the way I look at clothing and fabric. 

It inspired me to go on the hunt to find a fun way to upcycle some of my favorite pieces.  This book shows different methods to fabric stamp and fabric paint. 

Here is a partial look into the table of contents for Fabric Printing At Home:

·      Introduction: Kitchen Potential
·      Chapter 1: Getting Started
a.   Setting up a workspace
b.   Assemble your basic tool kit
c.   Paint techniques
·      Chapter 2: Kitchen Textures and Found Object Printing.
a.   Three printing techniques
b.   Create a collage design with layered textures
c.   Found objects and kitchen tools
d.   Small scale Items: Nine-Patch
·      Chapter 3: Beyond the Potato Print: Using Vegetables and Fruit to Create Fabric Designs
a.   Creating Background Textures and Vegetables
b.   Making Marbled Fabric with Cabbage Prints
c.   Carving Print Blocks from Vegetables
d.   Slicing and Dicing: Printing with Vegetable shapes
e.   Lovely leaves
f.    Brayer Rubbings
·      Chapter 4: Wrap It Up! Wraps and Foil
a.   Freezer Paper Fun: Masks and Stencils
b.   Playing with Plastic Wrap
c.   The Wonders of Wax Paper
d.   Folk Art Foil: Embossed Designs in Aluminum Foil
·      Chapter 5: Recycled and Repurposed
a.   Cardboard: The Thick and Thin of It
b.   Junk Mail Jackpot
c.   On a Roll: Fabric Designs from Cardboard Tubes
d.   Making Your Mark: Designing Print Blocks from Recycled Foam
e.   Artful Aluminum: Create decorative shapes from recycled cans and pans
f.    Printing with Recycled Materials
·      Chapter 6: Irresistible: Fabric Resists using kitchen ingredients.
a.   Resist Recipes
b.   Resist Application Techniques
c.   Painting a Resist-Covered Fabric
d.   Setting Paint on Resist-Covered Fabric
e.   Removing Resists
·      Chapter 7: Contributing Artists
·      Resources
·      Acknowledgments
·      About the Author
·      Index

In addition to all the unique objects this book suggests printing fabric with it also explains about repeats and patterns with those prints. This really exponentially increases the types of designs you can make.   I found that fabric painting is an entertaining and inexpensive way to upcycle and/or accent some of the things I own.  Fabric printing at Home is just the book to help me with my new endeavors. I am looking at everything in my house, including the food, in a new way!

If you want to check out some free projects from Fabric Printing at Home, just go the Craftside Blog to view them.  

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