Monday, January 12, 2015

Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: Family Friendly Science Experiments with household materials | Book Review

Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: 52 Family Friendly Experiments from Around the House (Hands-On Family)  by Liz Lee Heinecke  is a wonderful resource for any parent who is looking for a way to introduce science and crafting to their children.  The 52 projects in the book are broken down into Sections.  The projects in each section are between 3 to 6.

Here is a list of the sections:
Unit 1-Carbonated Chemical Reactions
Unit 2 Crystal Creations
Unit 3 Physics in Motion
Unit 4 Life Science
Unit 5 Astonishing Liquids
Unit 6 Polymers, Colloids & Misbehaving Materials
Unit 7 Acids & Basis
Unit 8 Marvelous Microbiology
Unit 9 Shocking Science
Unit 10 Bodacious Botany
Unit 11 Sunny Science
Unit 12 Rocket Science

The projects are so much fun.   For example, in the section called “Acids and Bases” which has a fun project called “Acid Oceanification Experiment” that teaches the children how to visualize acidification by carbon dioxide.  It is an easy to follow experiment that teaches simple science in a fun participatory manner. 

Additionally, Each Section is color-coded and that informs the reader about Protocols, the Science behind the experiment, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to do the experiment.  I was also grateful that the author included Safety tips with each experiment.  As a parent who homeschools, I think this book is a great way for kids to enjoy science through some fun and easy experiments that will show them that Science is fun.

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