Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The iLoveToCreate Booth: CHA 2014 Mega Show

I think that one of my favorite booths this year was the iLoveToCreate booth at the CHA Mega Show because of all the cool displays, like Mel Hoppe's cosplay costumes, and decorated mannequins that they had on display.
Mel Hoppe (The Wind of the Stars).
The mannequin below was hand painted by Celery Jones with the new line of body paints.
by Artist Celery Jones
Here is a close up of this fabulous piece.

I got to watch Pattie Wilkinson decoupage a mannequin with magazine photos throughout the show.
Pattie Wilkinson

Pattie Wilkinson
Here is how the mannequin looked by the end of the show.
Magazine Decoupage Mannequin made by Pattie Wilkinson
Here is a close up this piece.

Additionally, they had some cool art on display like this piece created by Suzie Shinseki, she painted

Suzie Shinseki
these eyes with Tulip Soft Paints and added dimension by using Tulip 3D Paints.

They also had this cool lamp that was made using tie dye, plastic wrap, white tissue, Aleene's Tacky Glue and some other iLoveToCreate products.

It looks really cool with this wall piece that was made using decoupage, colored paper and more.
Tie Dye Tissue Lamp and decoupage Wall art
Crafty Chica (Kathy Cano-Muriilo) was also on hand to demonstrate making cool art with her product line.

She also painted this cool table.

I am so thrilled that I got a chance to talk to all of these wonderful designers about their products and designs.

They are an inspiration to speak to and every so generous with their knowledge.


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