Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cosplay Costume Designer Mel Hoppe and Designer Mark Montano: Craft & Hobby Mega Show 2014:

The "I Love To Create" booth at the CHA Mega Show had some wonderful displays this year that featured cosplay costumes from Cosplayer Mel Hoppe, and a home decor & dress project from Designer Mark Montano.  Mark Montano shared his story on how "Creativity" affects everything in his life and displayed some of his work.

I love that Mark wrote his story on the fabric and incorporated the story pattern into his dress design.

The "I Love To Create" booth also had a wonderful display of Cosplay Costumes.  If you like Cosplay

then you are probably familar with some of Cosplayer Mel Hoppe's costume designs.

Normally I would have to attend one the cosplay events to get to see these in person. 

Soul Caliber II - Cassandra Alexandra

Having them on display at the CHA show was a great opportunity to see these pieces up close and

Sailor Moon - Princess Serenity
enjoy the various details that she puts into these costumes.
Sailor Moon - Princess Serenity
Dynasty Warriers 6 - Zhen Ji
Dynasty Warriers 6 - Zhen Ji  

Dynasty Warriers 6 - Zhen Ji  
Mel shared how "Creativity" affects her life and her designs.

This was a wonderful opportunity to see some of the cool details that she puts into her costumes.  I really enjoyed getting to see these pieces in person.  Hopefully there will be more cosplay costumes on display next year.

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