Sunday, February 6, 2011

Craft Super Show Re-visited.

I never had a chance to post the pics from the last "Craft Super Show" that I attended.  It was a fun day filled with crafting celebrities, like "Carol Duvall" (below), demonstrations, crafting supplies, kids craft ideas, scrapbooking supplies, and so much more.

The producer from the television show "The Carol Duvall Show" on HGTV and the DIY network,  Ms. Kelly Chafee Ehrlich.

The fun part of the show was that there were plenty of retailers present who were selling many fun and exciting supplies, that one normally can not find in local craft stores.  Barnes and Noble set up a store
with over 100 crafting titles.  Those of you who are familiar with this store, know they never have that many books on display at their retail locations.

The "Crafty Chica" was on hand to demonstrate her new product line for the public.  She has many fun paints, glitters, markers, and other craft supplies and project ideas.  Below is a very cool part of her booth, that offered a photo opportunity to the various guests.  I uploaded this in a slightly larger file so you could enjoy some of the fun and eclectic items she put around the frame of this cut-out.

Needless to say, celebrities and guests took time to get photographed in this iconic piece.  Including Carol Duvall, who has a fabulous sense of humor and truly enjoyed the spirit of the event.
The "Craft Chica" was also signing copies of her new fictional novel "Waking Up in the Land of Glitter" which is a crafting related romance novel.

The "Crafty Chica" has some great re purposing projects on her u-tube, blog, and website, using her product line and tools.

Crafty Chica and her mini bobble head doll.

Below is a picture we took of "The Crafty Chica" and her new crafty chica art supply line at Michaels where she was doing a book signing.  As you can tell, they have a hard time keeping those shelves stocked with her product line.  Especially her fabulous glitters which are so fun to work with.

There were also jewelry making craft supply manufacturers on hand to demonstrate their product lines. They also gave out some jewelry making patterns and design tips.  This is a great idea, since it creates a demand for the items from the consumer to the retailer.

Plaid was on hand and featured their "Modge Podge" product line, along with some great crafting tips and designs.

Cathie Fillian was on hand doing demo's of cool projects.  I loved her show "Creative Juice" because it had some really useful project ideas of things to do with recycled stuff.  They were very well made shows and I truly miss them.

She was also signing her book "Bow Wow Wow" which is loaded with darling costume and outfit ideas for your favorite pup.

As you walked down the isles, there were an abundance of product demonstrations and such.  Below is a great picture of one of the plaster artist who took paper mache and plaster to a whole new level of fun and creativity.

The "Craft Super Show"really offered something to interest a variety of crafters.  You could literally learn new crafting skills just be watching all the demonstrations going on in this show.  I sincerely hope they bring back this fun show with all the cool learning opportunities that this last one provided.


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