Friday, August 23, 2013

Duck Tape Prom Dress & Wearable Art Craft Projects on Display at the Orange County Fair 2013

I have always loved duck tape dresses and prom outfits, along with its other its many craft uses.  This year the Orange County Fair held a "Make It With Duck Tape" division in their youth arts & crafts submissions.
Duck Tape Youth Division Entries at the Orange County Faire 2013
It provided a great opportunity to see what types of creative things that can be made with duct tape. One of my  favorite entries was a white prom dress with cordinating tuxedo.
Duck Tape White Prom Dress and Coordinating Suit

Close up of the prom dress.

Duct Tape Prom Dress
Side view of the duct tape prom dress.  You can't see the detail of the individually cut feathers made up of various colors of duct tape.

A close up of the suit.

Another great dress was this long evening gown style dress made up of three colors of duck tape cut into individual retangles to create more movement in the dress.
Duck Tape Evening Dress
There were also some fun short dresses on display, like this cute faux jean dress made up with a

denim print duck tape.  And another cute mini dress that was displayed next to a cute handbag that was done up with the same print.

There were several purse and totebag entries on display.
Channel Style Duck Tape Purse
Duck Tape Tote and Wallet
This pair of high tops made up of fun prints of duck tape were really cute in person.
Duck Tape High Tops (sneakers)
The Youth Entries were well represented and a lot of fun to see.
Duck Tape Youth Entries at the Orange County Fair 2013


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