Monday, September 15, 2014

The Ultimate Sock Puppet Book: Clever Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Creating Imaginative Sock Puppets by Tiger Kandel and Heather Schloss | Book Review

The Ultimate Sock Puppet Book: Clever Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Creating Imaginative Sock Puppets by Tiger Kandel and Heather Schloss.
Sock puppets have always been successfully used in story telling, as well as fun to make. We used puppets a lot at the local library story telling hour when my kids were really little. Now my kids want to continue the tradition by making some sock puppets to entertain their younger cousins.

As the title says, this books does offer some great techniques and tips for making sock puppets. However, the book offers so much more than some simple sock puppet patterns. It is filled with techniques and tips which can be applied to many other types of creative projects. Which is why I am including a flip video with this review, to give you a better idea of the vast variety of ideas and projects this books offers the reader.

In the introduction the author points out that in the "Ultimate Sock Puppet Book" you won't be told specifically what to make or exactly how to make it. Instead this book offers a base of techniques to build upon. The book is offers an anatomy section for making all the animal body parts in all sorts of fun ways. They make it easy for the reader to find a specific section on how to make a tail or add teeth. It also covers hair, fur, eyes, noses, mouths, teeth, wings, arms, legs and more! If you wanted to make a certain animal that wasn't featured in the book you could pull together all the elements and you would be all set to create your own version of that animal in a sock puppet. If you wanted to create something from your imagination you would also be well equipped with all the techniques you would need to create fantasy critters and creatures.

The book covers both sewing and gluing construction methods and since the kids are not big fans of the sewing, they will be using the gluing methods for sure! However, the sewing is pretty simplified so if you have basic sewing skills, they are easy to follow. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a new inspirations on how to create their own sock puppet menagerie or just be inspired. The Ultimate Sock Puppet Book projects are also fun family orientated craft projects that are both fun and educational.

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