Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Look at the York Blvd Parklet in Los Angeles County, California

York Blvd Parklet

The York Blvd. Parklet is one of the new micro-parks that are popping up in Los Angeles County.  A parklet is primary located in urban areas that have minimal space for a traditional park.
York Blvd Parket Seating Area
These parklets provide a lovely space for people to sit while they enjoy the outdoors or take a break from a busy day.

This particular parklet measures 20' x 6' and features some mosiac glass work that has been design and

donated by glass artist, Cathi Milligan, from the "The Glass Studio".  Cathi is well known for her glass beads, television appearances,  and her macrame book,   Mod Knots: Creating Jewelry and Accessories with Macrame.  She also writes for Craft Gossip.
    A close-up of this amazing glass mosiac shows some of the many interesting details contained within the design.  She has done an assortment of different designs along with some cool techniques (like photo transfers).

The stools in this parklet, feature more of Cathi's amazing glass mosiac work.

The deck itself is redwood decking and the planters are planted with a variety of succulents.  This parklet is conveniently located in a main shopping area that features some great restuarants and shops.


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