Friday, April 8, 2011

How to make a Mini Serenity Sand Garden

I really like the variety of different sand gardens that I keep seeing at the different craft shows I visit.  Sand Gardens are containers that have sand, a rake and some stones.  Additionally, these sand gardens can have a variety of different little curios added to them to create an individual look.

What is the point of the sand gardens?  Well, the salesperson at one craft show told me that it is the process of raking the sand, that is supposed to be relaxing in times of stress.  I am not sure how true that really is.  Personally, I have spent many an afternoon raking my yard without reaching a zen moment.

That being said, I still like them and decided I would like to have small desktop one.  I went to the local mall where there was a variety of different "Sand Gardens" in all types of containers. They were lovely but took up a lot of space which I do not have available. So I decided to make a smaller version that would suit my personal needs.

I stopped by the local "JoAnn Craft" store and picked up some sand. Then went to "Little Saigon" in Westminster, California. I found some cute mini statues, a mini rake, and a cute container that was the perfect size. I added a very small tea light candle holder.  I spent under $12 for this project.

Here are the directions on to make a mini sand garden:

Using the sand tray of your choice (plate/tray/etc.). Choose a candle holder that is appropriate for your sand container.  Place the candle holder in the desired location, then gently pour the sand around it. Add the accessories into the sand tray. Keep it simple because you want to leave room to rake the sand. Then just add the tea light size candle. I recommend  those battery operated tea lights because they are look nice and are safer to use (they are available at most 99cent stores).  

Remember to "Never Leave a Lit Candle Unattended" especially around children and pets.

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