Monday, September 13, 2010

Knitting with Copper Wire & Glass Beads

While I sit enjoying the beginning of fall, I realized that the weather is perfect for knitting with copper. The copper wire can be tricky to work with but the finished result is well worth the effort. The purse below is one that I knitted for a "Fire Mountain Gems and Beads" ad. It is made with copper wire, glass beads, and the purse frame. All the supplies can be purchased from "Fire Mountain Gems and Beads", except for the knitting needles.

As you can guess, this purse weighs quite a bit due to the heavy glass beads and wire. So if you want to make a lighter one, use different beads.

Hint: I recommend working with metal needles in the size to suit the wire and beads. Also, string the beads on to the wire before you start knitting. Work in a warm environment of at least 80 degrees or higher. This helps the wire be more pliable and avoid breakage. It can be a challenging moment to recover from snapping the wire in the middle of a row.

There are some fabulous books out there on knitting with wire, I have added a few links below but you can always check it out for yourself at your local craft store.