Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Steampunk Costumes and accessories

I love "Steampunk" movement. If you take time to read the "Steampunk" magazine, it will give you insight into the movement, the costuming, and the wonderful accessories that fans of "Steampunk" are creating.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the "Labyrinth of Jareth" ball in Los Angeles, California.

This a costume ball where guests are encouraged to wear costumes of various themes. It was eye candy for the creative soul!

My twin brother's accessories: vintage leather map book from WWII, vintage leather gloves, goggles (french), etc.

He has a bowler hat on but not the common shape. This one was slightly different and look just right for the character he is portraying.

Annette Elizabeth made all the costume pieces (including mine.... she has oodles of talent and amazing ideas). The corsette is set with non metal boning to allow for more movement.

They sported cool metal guns which were made from recycled materials. All leather materials were vintage and collected from various retail sources (antique malls, auctions, vintage stores, army surplus, etc).

The "League of Steam" was present at the ball and even had a display set up of many of their very cool props that they use for the u-tube videos.

If you have not seen one of their shows, you can find them at U-tube or click on "League of Steam videos" to find the link. They are funny.

I love the "steampunk movement" so of course I was on the look out for costumes with that type of flair. This group shows off some of the steam punk clothing that was worn.

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